Luxury sailing around the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are the ideal destination for a sailing holiday. The short distances between islands made the charter relaxing because of the line of sight sailing and constant gentle trade winds. Plenty of excellent snorkeling and diving sites, fun beach bars, local restaurants, and supplies stores ashore. Home to some of the prettiest beaches and best beach bars in the world. There you can relax or meet the locals and experience authentic island life. Islands have recovered from the hurricane Irma that hit in September 2017. Big rebuilds were done to retain the status of the sailing capital of the world. You will be visiting new entertainment facilities and new fleets to charter.

Top sailing spots in the British Virgin Islands


Scrub Island

Private island resort with its own marina. Situated to the west of Virgin Gorda is Scrub Island. This island is populated by colorful flamingos, doves, and the odd iguana. Nearby caves and reefs present ideal opportunities for diving and snorkeling. Scrub Island is fringed by three beaches that shelve into the Caribbean Sea. The island is virtually vehicle-free.



The largest, liveliest, and most developed of the British Virgin Islands. Also gained a reputation for a charter capital of the Caribbean. Beaches at Tortola island are rarely crowded. Top places on Tortola are Smuggler’s Cove, Cane Graden Bay, Long Bay Beach, and Rhone National Marine Park.

Key Cay

North of Norman Island, southwest of the island chain is Key Cay, one of the quietest anchorages in the British Virgin Islands. Spanning just 100 meters, this is a secret spot ideal for those who want seclusion. Key Cay also protects Key Bay on the western side of Peter Island.


Best sailing itinerary in the British Virgin islands

One of the world’s most special sailing destinations with gentle trade winds, easy line of sight navigation, and short legs between islands. Warm temperatures year-round, lush green hillsides, and white sandy beaches. Easily hop between uninhabited islands, resorts, and beachside villages. Throughout the islands, you will find any of your requirements, from onboard provisions to onshore restaurants. Get to know the islands onshore with there geological wonders and tide disappearing beaches, don’t forget to explore the life underwater snorkeling around reefs.


Day 1 – Cooper Island

A beautiful island with a protected anchorage at Manchineel Bay has some of the clearest water in the British Virgin Islands. Cooper Island Beach Club is the main attraction, a small resort with a restaurant, rum bar, coffee shop, boutique, and a lovely outdoor lounge area. A popular stop for yachts and sailing yachts. The island lies adjacent to ”wreck alley”, a popular wreck diving site in the British Virgin Islands.


Day 2 – Virgin Gorda

Home of the world-famous Baths. The Baths are as pristine as ever, including the famous pathway leading through the giant boulders to Devil’s Bay. Head for the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, an excellent overnight anchorage. Must visit The Copper Mine, a national park containing the ruins of an abandoned 19th-century copper factory.

Anegada Island

Day 3 & 4 – Anegada Island

The only coral island the British Virgin Islands volcanic chain. Known for miles of white sand beaches and 29 kilometers long Horseshoe Reef, one of the largest barrier coral reefs in the Caribbean. The island is known for large salt ponds that cover the west end of the island, which is home to the Caribbean flamingos. Most relaxing part of the itinerary because of its secluded landscape and virtually deserted.

Trellis Bay

Day 5 – Trellis Bay

Located on Beef Island, a wonderful anchorage that offers to moor. There is a small island called Bellamy Cay in the center of Trellis Bay, home to a single restaurant called the Last Resort. Trellis Bay shares ashore with the airport, there are some different and important navigation instructions here compared with most harbors.


Day 6 – Great Harbour

Excellent overnight anchorage and is home to the famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar & Restaurant. Don’t forget to visit Jost Van Dyke and White Bay, just a short cruise from Great Harbour, popular day anchorage offering a beautiful beach and snorkeling along the reef. On the beach, you will have a wide selection of restaurants and bars.


Day 7 – The Bight

Popular anchorage on Norman Island lies on the east side of Flanagan Passage. A very sheltered bay, once known as Man Of War Bay. A conveniently located and idyllic setting for last night in the British Virgin Islands. Perfect spot for using the dinghy for exploring caves outside the bay.

Best sailing yacht to charter in the British Virgin islands



Available for private charter in the winter season in the Caribbean. Modern and sophisticated sailing yacht was a finalist at the 2017 World Superyacht Awards. Crossbow mixes advanced materials and construction materials. Built for long-distance cruising but is just as nice for inshore waters. She offers a generous sunbathing area, saloon surrounded by 270-degree panoramic windows, and utmost comfort.

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