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Last minute gulet cruises. The Mistery behind it.

If you are browsing for last minute gulet cruises over the internet…you might be disappointed. There are very few deals listed on small number of pages and even those deals are not the best what you can get and it is also a big question how actual they are.

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No. 1 - gulets are not like hotels 

If a hotel has a last minute price, it means some period is not selling very well. For example, if a hotel has 500 room free, they publish last minute promotion and they have to sell 500 rooms to a huge amount of different people. If a gulet is available for some period and gulet owner needs to sell urgently, he will give a special last minute price…but this price is valid only for 1 x private charter.

It is like a hotel would give last minute promotion only for 1 available room. A not very cool thing for an agency promoting it, as the room can be booked faster that it is published on the internet as a special deal.

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No. 2 - situation is changing every minute 

For a good last minute portal, you must have lots of last minute deals. There are more then 500 gulet vessels in the market and to monitor them how booked are they and when do they have a special deals on some dates…well it is very very hard.


No. 3 - huge discounts can give a bad name to the gulet owner

It can happen an owner has a great season but has 2 or 3 weeks still empty for his clients. As it is last minute, he might be willing to lower the prices, but if he tells to all his partners that they can promote this last 3 weeks for a great price..what will happen…Clients that already booked might find out about this…and they will go crazy…

On the other hand, all the agencies would see how much the price went down, and they would just wait for next year and book the gulet Last Minute. And this would all give the owner the bad name. So the owners do not really allow to publish the great deals on the internet but are willing to negotiate when the exact serious inquiry arrives.

This is just the 3 main reasons, why the best “last minute gulet cruises” are normally not listed on the internet.

So if you wish to get a gulet last minute gulet cruise deal, you will have to send request and state your exact budget. If you do this, then you will get more for the smaller price.

But you have to know one more thing. And this is super important!

If you book last minute, you can get the cheapest offers, but this does not mean you will be a happy camper….

We have made huge analysis and we were shocked to discover that the amount of discount is usually connected to the percentage of complaints!!!

What this means….this means that clients that received 50% discount on gulet cruise deal, there was a 50% chance they were not totally satisfied.

Lots of people ask me what is better, to book Early or Last Minute. It depends on what are your expectations. If you book last minute you will get a better deal, but you will have very limited options to choose from. Everything has to be done faster and there is a chance you come up empty handed. (that everything is booked, especially in high season).


If you book early (or a couple of months before your departure) you have lots of selections, possibilities, the best gulets that offer the best services are still available and also the satisfaction rate from clients is usually the best. The decision is yours what suits you better.

If you are interested what we can do for you and how we can find a perfect gulet cruise for you, contact us


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