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Gulet Cabins Description & Pictures

People sometimes have a wrong idea how cabins on a gulet look like. So in this post, we would like to show you several different Gulet Cabins Descriptions and things you need to know when booking a gulet.


Cabins on a gulet are not the same as hotel rooms you need to know that. Common sense should tell you ships are not hotels.

They can be very comfortable, however, you will spend your holidays on a deck on the exterior part of the gulet.

So they are not so important as you might think. You just end up sleeping in cabins while you spend 95% of the time on deck, you visit other destinationsyou swim, eat, have fun

However, here are a couple of examples of how cabins can look like on different gulets.

No.1 – Standard gulets and their cabins

These cabins are usually smaller in size, but all cabins are comfortable and provide some space for belongings. Furthermore, all cabins have AC and small private bathrooms for extra privacy.

No.2 – Luxury gulets and their cabins

On luxury boats in cabins, you will be ensured with high levels of comfort and provide vast space for your belongings. Furthermore, all cabins have AC and private bathroom for extra privacy, plus extra amenities that bring everything to one higher level. Luxury gulets have much bigger cabins with almost all the things you can get in some 5-star hotels.

No.3 – Deluxe gulets and their cabins

Cabins on these luxury gulets are enormous, filled with luxury details, design and provide only the highest levels of comfort. Furthermore, all cabins have AC and large luxury private bathroom for extra privacy, plus extra amenities. These cabins can easily compare to some of the best luxury hotels on land.

Hope this gave you at least a basic idea about gulet cabins and how they look like. But if you think cabins are still the most important part of the boat and cruise maybe renting a hotel or a villa would be a better idea then.

If you want to know more info, we would advise you to contact us and ask us any questions on this topic you might have. We will be glad to answer them and determine if Blue Cruises are for you or not.

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