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A short interview with SJ Begonja, Author of “Chasing the Donkey” expat blog

SJ BAn Australian expat living in Croatia, SJ blogs about navigating a new language & shares honest stories & recipes while making Croatia home. Read her “exclusive Goolets interview” 


1.) First of all, can tell us a little bit about yourself?

SJB-withSonSJB-WithHusbandI am an Australian expat who left behind my job as a Marketing Executive and now live in rural Croatia along with my Croatian Husband and Son. We inherited an old house, and we’re planning on rebuilding it. 

2.) What’s the first thing that struck you with awe, when you first came to Croatia?

I have a wonderfully strong connection with Croatia, although not Croatian myself. When I first came to Croatia in 2000, I was gobsmacked by what looked like snow-capped mountains. I now know they are not snow capped – but the Velebit as they are called are my favorite thing to look at here.


3.) Have you discovered any hidden spots that you would recommend?


If you come to Croatia, you’ll find a broad array of things on offer. But rather than me suggesting a spot to visit, I was to instead encourage you to eat locally. Skip the pizzeria, and pop into a local ‘Konoba’, and try the specials of the day. You won’t regret it.


4.) If you only had one day to spend in Dalmatia, how would you spend it?

gal-headerFind the old city. Take a seat at the cafe bar, order a coffee and people watch. Then you should just take it easy (as we do here in Dalmatia). Wonder about the town. Make plenty of time to eat lunch. Finish the day with a drink watching the magnificent sun go down. The sunsets are divine here.



Who is SJ Begonja? This is how she describes herself:

Chasing donkey“I am a Mum & wife, now Australian expat. I packed up my very typical Aussie life in May 2013 and shifted it along with my Croatian Husband and Son to rebuild the old house we inherited in Croatia & make it our home.

I have a wonderfully strong connection with Croatia, although not Croatian myself, I feel very at home here. I do hope that my blog “chasing the donkey” inspires others to dare to dream, and take the almighty plunge to fulfill those dreams.”

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