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Blue Cruise Inquiry. Use this text when you send inquiry for gulet charter.

People think it is easy to send out a Blue Cruise inquiry. Well, it is not hard of course. All you have to do is a state when you wish to travel and how many people are in your group and this is it.

blue cruise inquiry


Well, you can also do it like this but it will not be very efficient.

And finding the best possible gulet for you will become more of a lottery pick than anything else.

n this post I will show you how you can send the best inquiry and explain to you why it should be done like this.

If you will follow this procedure I can almost guarantee you that you will rent a great gulet at the end, for a good price and that you will have great holidays. The main goal of this e-mail is to find the best possible gulet for your money and not to get the cheapest deal.

If you are only shopping for discounts this will not help you very much. In this case, I would also suggest you contact our competition as huge discounts normally mean huge headaches. And we do not like headaches. 

If you are at least generally familiar with gulets and if you have determined your wishes then this will be easy and fun for you.

Just copy-paste this e-mail below and fill out the missing parts.


Dear (name of the company where you are sending this e-mail)

I am interested to rent a gulet in (name the destinations you are interested in). We are a group of (how many people) and we need a minimum (how many cabins – if you have more cabins then you need do not worry).

Our group is a combination of (old children, young children, mixture, seniors, only couples, middle-aged – give the info what is your group likes).

We have (never traveled with gulets before and we appreciate your advice/ we have traveled with gulets before and looking for great deals only /we have traveled before but in other destination)

We can travel on these dates: (name all the dates you can travel in and explain if you are flexible)

We like gulets which are (more modern design/classic old school design).

We also like (to have super comfortable cabins / great food is super important – the name what are super important things on your holidays)

When it comes to the route we would like (see great cities – we like super nature – we wish to go away from crowds….)

Our approximate budget range is from (name what is your approximate budget range). 

We would like to see the best gulets for this budget.

I am also interested in your suggestions about _________ – (write about your questions if you have some more here)

Please send me at least 3 or 4 gulet options along with itinerary suggestions and your advice would be very very much appreciated. 

You see what kind of group we are and what we are interested in, so with every gulet you offer me, please write me a comment about why this would be perfect for us?

Thank you for your e-mail.

Best regards

(Your name and phone number)


What will you achieve with this e-mail:

1) the agency will see what are your needs, wishes, and expectations and will be able to provide you with exactly what you need.

2) If the agency has no idea what are gulets like what are the crews and if they are not very professional you will see it from the e-mail reply immediately.  

3) From this email, you should get a very good selection of gulets with all the info you need for a good holiday

4) And you will also see if the agency truly knows what is selling or they are only offering standard price of a gulet minus discount and book now kind of deals

If you send this e-mail out I am 100% sure you will get GREAT GULET DEALS, very GOOD GULET ADVICE, and all the info you needed for your holidays.

You will not need to go back and forth with millions of questions and you will also immediately see which agency is legit and which agency is not. 

Send this email out and see the magic happen.

You can test this out by sending it to 

Or you can also click this button and fill out the PLAN YOUR DREAM CRUISE form. 

Mitja Mirtič

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