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Goolets Checklist. Things we do for our clients.

This short Goolets checklist is our own reminder of things we do for every person that comes into contact with our agency. It is short and straight to the point. 

Educate YOU to make smart decisions!

Advise YOU on your dream holidays!

Find perfect gulets FOR YOU!

Negotiate for best deals FOR YOU!

Make sure your investment is PROTECTED!

24/7 support during the cruise!

VIP treatment from owners!

Best gulets according to your group structure!

Useful advice about food, route and crew!


Detailed description of what we do!

Gulets are what we do for a living.

We organized tens of thousands of gulet cruise holidays in the past and we have a pretty good idea of what we have to do, to make you happy.

Here are a couple of ideas:

a) Advise you on best options for you (route, crew, food, gulet, destination…)!

b) Get you the best possible deals!

c) Make it safe and fun for you!

Goolets Advice on Turkey Charter

If we have this 3 topics covered you will be fine!

Why it is so important to educate you? 

If you have no idea about gulets it is super easy to sell you the”cat in the bag” as we say. So it is super important that you have at least general idea about gulets.

The good news is this does not have to be hard. You do not have to browse hundreds of pages anymore.

Take 5 minutes of your time and get 20% of the info about gulets that will give you 80% of info you need!

More info on this blog post!

Goolets Advice on Greece Charter

Our sales team cruised with gulets before, they know gulets personally and they really love this type of holidays.

According to their experience they will be more then happy to give you honest advice what is good for you…and what is not!


We inspect all gulets which we promote every year.

This means we can tell you first hand about VALUE for each gulet, what kind of crew the gulet has, is the food okey and is the gulet appropriate for you your group.

All this will increase your chances to get the right gulet for your group.


Croatia cabin charter

Is it safe to book holidays with Goolets agency?

There is a great article written about this. You do not have to worry for your gulet or your money if you book with us.

Read here why: Is it safe to book with Goolets?

Goolets Crew

We do not offer all gulets to all groups.

Some gulets are better for younger party groups, some are better for families with small children, some are better for teenagers, some are better for seniors. some are better for couples with not children.

More about this segmentation and how this can benefit you on this link!

If you wish to book a villa, a bare boat or a motor yacht, then this page is not for you!

If you wish to get good advice on a gulet, you can start by clicking on the button below!

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