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3 Reasons Why Book With Goolets

There are 3 main reasons why you might consider Goolets as your agency when searching for perfect gulet cruise holidays. They are explained very well in this short 1-minute movie.


To sum it up.


There are hundreds of gulet cruise travel agencies and thousands of gulets in the market.

In last 10 years in the market, we managed to determine which gulets and partners provide MORE for the money.

We know which gulets are the best and which partners are the strongest.

This means if you send an inquiry to us – it is similar as you do entire internet market research on your own and hope for the best.


Goolets G-team



Because of the large scale of the business, we do in gulet cruise market our partner is very keen on providing us with best deals.

Better deals we have – more business we can give to our partners.

Better deals mean – our clients get better deals.

So yes – booking via agency can mean you get a better deal as if you book with gulet owners directly.

Goolets and owner



When you deal with Goolets we GUARANTEE for the gulet we sell.

This means if the gulet owner goes broke or something else happens to him – we will get you a different (better) vessel for the same amount of money.

Also if you are not happy with the crew, food or something else is not the way you expected – all you have to do is pick up the phone and we make all the necessary arrangements to make you happy.


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