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What Is Bodrum Cup? What will you experience there?

It is very hard to explain in words what is Bodrum Cup. So this post will be more about pictures and movies.

All I can say is this is an amazing experience which you should not miss out.

At least one time in your life you should experience sailing with a 700 tons (or more) wooden vessel with several hundred meters of sails…


So What is the Bodrum Cup?

It is a yacht (gulet) regatta that is taking part every October in Bodrum. The primary goal of the regatta was to promote interest and skill in sailing of the crew that is in the charter business.

It is also the celebration at the end of the charter season bringing together friends and people that do not see each other for the entire season. 

The regatta is organized since 1989.

The amazing sight of a horizon filled with the sails of Bodrum’s wooden yachts is a sight people will never forget.

Just imagine 100 ships (not sailing yachts, but huge gulets) going at each other on sails!?!

Bodrum is the only place in the World you can experience this!

Another movie explaining a bit more!


So if you wish to experience this regatta what is the best way to do it?

Here it is:

1) Book a gulet on a weekly basis (from Saturday – Saturday).

2) Prices in October are very affordable.

3) The Regatta has the dates from 21st October till 26th Of October!

4) You rent the gulet from 19th of October till the 26th of October!


19th of October – Arrival to Bodrum. 

Gulet takes off as soon as possible from Bodrum to a nice nearby bay. Swimming is still possible in October at this time and the dinner in a close isolated bay under millions of stars is a just incredible experience!

Luxury gulet cruises Dinner time

20th of OctoberPure relaxation

Sailing, making it easy, swimming, enjoying the book, diving, water skiing or some other water sports, eating well, meditating….the day is 100% free to do whatever you prefer. 

Jet Ski


Relaxation on gulet Mare Nostrum

22th – 26th of October – Regatta

Lots of sailing, partying (if you choose to), eating good, action (if you decide to) and having the best time of your life!

Bodrum Cup

Bodrum cup

Bodrum Cup

Bodrum cup

26th of October and 27th of October!

Some more relaxation, good eating, checking out amazing Bodrum town and some more very nice bays.

Turkey Bay



Bodrum has everything you need. If you wish to party – there are lots of VIP clubs where you can do it.

If you are interested in history – Turkey and Bodrum especially is FULL OF UT!! 

If you are interested in the best food – check!

If you wish to do some shopping – check!

If you wish to just take a nice swim and do some water sports – check

So what is the Bodrum Cup?

I would say it like this:

a) it is an experience of a lifetime!

b) it is a great event where people get together and have the best time ever!

c) it is sailing, swimming, partying, relaxing, sunbathing, reading your own book, learning experience…and much more than this.

Mitja Mirtič

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