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What is a gulet? – Part 1

In this article, I will explain why you should educate yourself about “gulet” if you are planning to go on this type of holidays. I will also explain how you can spend the least time on simply learning and get all the right facts in the fastest amount of time.

It is all about location


-One of the things I hate the most is when I am dealing with something I do not know a lot about! Just a couple of weeks ago I was searching for a handyman that could build some stuff in my garden and it made me very uncomfortable to talk about things such as concrete, materials that should be used, prices, etc. And when you do not know much about something it makes you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, why would I even want to spend hours of educating myself, when you have other people that already spent years on that exact topic? 


Actually, I should do it because when a handyman sees you do not have a clue about what “they are doing, they can easily cheat you and you might pay much more than you should. On top of that, the work can also be done poorly.


So if you are thinking about investing your money in something, you should have at least a general idea about what you are doing and where your money goes.


Because I am aware of how stressful it can be searching the web for the right information (most pages are full of marketing type crap, to be honest!) and how hard it is to collect details that can really help you in your decision, I have decided to write this post.


Now you have two possibilities.


NO.1 -Send us an email.

Do not read any further. Just send your e-mail to info@goolets.net and write – free consultation in the subject line. Share your contact details with us and include information about your holiday requirements. Also, inform us if you prefer to receive the information we give you by e-mail or by phone.

We will not spam you with gulet offers, we will just give you all the information that you need to know about gulets, according to your request. 

This means different information if you are asking about renting a gulet in Turkey, Croatia or Greece and also:

Cabin Charter information for every destination

– Useful information on how to plan your holiday

– How to create the best itinerary for you

– Things that are truly important on our cruise

– How you can negotiate and how much you should do it


and much more! This will all be sent to you in a nice format and it will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. Once this has been completed you will know everything you need to know about gulets!


Gulet Agora


NO.2 – Read this post till the very end – there is also several great pieces of information already here!


I will do my best to describe to you what a gulet is from a different point of view. No marketing crap. Just the information as I would give it to my best friend over a couple of beers. 


A) What is a gulet?

Gulets are mostly wooden ships that are around 20 – 35 meters in size. They usually have around 5 – 8 cabins. Each cabin has its own shower and toilet and most of the time, air conditioning. The prices for gulets are usually around 1,000 euros per person per week, but you can also get cheaper deals or much more deluxe possibilities. You can rent gulet in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Maldives, and Spain and there is always a crew on board. Somebody will always drive your gulet, there is always a cook and depending on the size and luxury of the gulet, the number of crew usually varies in size.

I booked a cruise for the first time several years ago and since then I almost never holiday into hotels.


B) What do you do on gulets?

During the day you cruise around, swim in incredible bays, eat, sunbathe, take part in water sports, snorkel, read a book, explore different places and in the evening you can stay on anchor and enjoy your dinner or drinks and company of your friends under the stars. Or you can go to some nice towns, cities, ports for a walk, to party or to simply explore it with a guide…the best part is when it comes to private charter, everything can be 100% organized according to your wishes.


C) What is the best way to book a gulet? Where do I start?

 First of all, you have to know what you want. You have to determine, how much you want to spend, with whom you wish to travel and to which destination. At the starting point do not yet think about an itinerary, however, you should state already what you wish to do on your holiday. Do you prefer to see different town every day, or you are more into escaping the crowds and visiting the sights and superb nature?


Then ask for deals. Tell to your agency:

– the dates when you wish to travel and how flexible are you

– how many people are in your group

– which destination(s) you are interested in

– what you prefer (nature or towns)

– if possible, also state your budget. If you state your budget you will for sure get a better deal than if you do not state it.



3) Information about gulet cruise agencies

Most people think agencies are to rip them off.

But THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Of course, agencies do this for money, however when you are searching for best gulets you have to know something!

We work with lots of gulets and when you send us an inquiry, there are always at least SEVERAL DIFFERENT DEALS we can provide you with.

And you have to know this!

Out of 10 gulets we can offer, we 100% do not worry about which gulet you end up booking!

Let me repeat that again,

I do not care which gulet you end up booking, I just care you booked through our agency!

What does this actually mean for you? It means we have 5 or 10 gulets which might be possible for you. I know all these gulets will give you amazing services and you will be happy on all of them.

But in order to get a booking, I also know I have to do my best for YOU.

So I will negotiate, use all my skills and my knowledge, use the info I have from you (budget, the size of the group, extra wishes) and try to get the best according to this wishes!


In the end, maybe one or two gulets will be a REAL DEAL for you!

And again, we are not the owners of those gulets.

We give lots of business to lots of gulets and that is why we truly do not care which gulet gets your booking, as long as we know the gulet owner will give great services and you are getting a great deal.


So when you give information about your requirements to us, you have to know this:

a) it is you and me (client and agency) versus gulet owners in getting the best deals.

b) this means the more information you provide us, the better deal we can get from the owners.


Also, do not get me wrong we have great connections with several gulet owners. We are very good business partners and also friends, but they are very much aware of the situation. They know they have to compete for clients, and they will do it.


D) What happens when you get offers

You check the offers and the information you received and if you have any questions – ask them do not be shy. We always prefer clients that ask questions before their cruise. When you are on the gulet and you start asking questions then, it is usually too late!


Also, if you do not like the offers, let us know. There are always alternatives, and we are not happy until you are happy. Again, we do not really care which gulet you book…only that you book with us 🙂 and that you book a gulet that we know will give you superb services and great value for your money.




This is only the first part of what is a gulet? In the next blog post, I will also write about:

1) How you can negotiate!

2) Why it is not a good idea to push negotiation too much!

3) How to plan the best possible itinerary.

4) What a “preference list” is?

5) Voucher and what information you get in the travel documents?

6) What happens when you arrive at your destination and how the agency should assist you.


Read what is a gulet – part 2!


You can also check out what a typical day on a gulet looks like via pictures. Check this link: A day on a gulet!


Or you can also send us an inquiry here: Request for a gulet cruise!


Mitja Mirtič

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