Šolta. The island of olives, honey and wine

Why you should visit island Šolta on a daily trip?

This is the question, which is asked to us over and over again.

Šolta is not really famous, there are no medieval churches there, no fancy restaurants, no huge discos, almost zero souvenir shops and you will not find many recommendations in Lonely planet about Island Šolta.

And this is actually one of the BEST REASONS, why you should come. The island is still unspoiled by heavy tourism and sometimes it seems like the time stopped there 100 years ago. 

Why is this a good thing?

ŠOLTA Aerial view

For several reasons. Let’s name just a couple of them:

a) nature is still very clean, air is super fresh and there are no heavy noises and lots of other pesky tourists there

b) you can truly relax your mind on Šolta as time will stop for you also when you arrive there. And this can be very good things

c) Šolta is, however, famous for 3 things, which you should try out. And these 3 things are OLIVE OIL, HONEY, and very very good DOBRICIC WINE, all home made!


Aerial view of Solta island bays, Croatia.I know it can sometimes be a bit boring to read “marketing” descriptions of the trip, but I will copy paste it anyway. Here we go:


We’ll meet you at the dock and take you to the groves of award winning Olynthia Natura, the island’s premier olive oil producer.  As you listen to the fascinating story about olives in the stillness of these ancient groves (one of the trees you will see is more than 1000 years old!), you will come to understand why Homer called olive oil “liquid gold”.  After the visit to the groves, it’s off to Olynthia’s mill where you will enjoy a welcome local “rakia” (an alcoholic drink made from local ingredients); enjoy a short multi-media program and then experience an olive oil tasting and a glass of the island’s famous Dobricic wine, a wonderful, rich, full-bodied red.  Before we return to the ship, time to buy olive oil at “factory prices”, or if you wish, Olynthia can ship anywhere in the world!  The of the trip price includes all transportation, guide, beverages. (2-3 hours depending on when ship arrives).

Aerial view of Solta island bays, Croatia.


1) very easy going the trip to easy going island where everything is ……. EASY GOING!

2) you will get a dose of health via olive oil and a nice presentation how it is made

3) you will get to taste home made RAKI and WINE which will defiantly put you in a great mood!

4) you will escape heavy crowds and you will just take a breather while enjoying this nice little trip.



I would recommend this trip mostly to easygoing groups, seniors and people that wish to escape and travel to the past. This is not the trip for young folks or for adrenaline fanatics.


We recommend this trip on CROATIA CRUISES starting from Split or Trogir on either the first day of your cruise or on the last day of your cruise.

Mitja Mirtič

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