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We have prepared for you very useful Turkish Gulet Ship e-book that will help you determine if gulet cruise holidays in Turkey are the holidays for you or not.

Turkish blue cruise holidays are the unique type of holidays that is not for everybody.

Is Turkey Cruise for you - Turkey gulet cruise guide


5 things you need to know about Turkish gulet ships:

1) All gulet ships have a crew that will drive the gulet and prepares & serve your food.

2) Most of gulets have some sort of sails but do not expect heavy sailing. It is more for taking pictures (there are exceptions of course)

3) All gulets have cabins for sleeping (most of them air conditioned) and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

4) It is very good idea to check if your crew is able to speak English (and how well). 

5) The best places to start you Turkish cruise is from Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or Gocek. 


This is very basic technical stuff which will give you at least basic idea about gulets.

But is this for you?

For the start, you can read 10 most popular questions & answers which we prepared for your clients.

This will already help you A LOT! You will all the basic info about gulets you ever needed.


3 more things you should know about Turkish gulet Ships

– Gulets are separated in 3 different gulet charter categories (Standard, Luxury, and Deluxe).

– You can either rent a gulet in Turkey or just rent a cabin! Click here for more information about Turkey cruise 

– The budget range is huge. You can go on a cruise for less than 350 €/person/Week (low budget cabin charter) or you can rent 100.000 €/week gulets.

If you truly wish to get the best idea if renting a Turkish gulet ship would be for you, download this brochure and you will know everything!

Turkey is an amazing country. 

You just have to:

– experience Turkish cuisine

– check all the hidden bays that will take your breath away

– swim in a super clean turquoise sea

– experience Turkish hospitality

– learn about the loooooooong and very interesting history – live and first hand

– taste Turkish Raki or Turkish wine or Efes on board a gulet

– try out your bargaining skills on many Turkish bazaars

– check out amazing towns like Bodrum and Marmaris

If interested to cruise Turkey contact us and we will help you with planning.

Mitja Mirtič

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