Party on gulet

Turkey Party gulet cruise Suggestion. Check it out.

Are you a young group of people that wish to rent a gulet and have a Turkey Party Gulet Cruise?

Well, this is easier said than done in Turkey.

While you can have wild parties on the board of gulets is is very hard to just leave the gulet every single evening and go out to discos.

Party on a gulet cruise in Turkey


In Turkey the main party places are:

– Bodrum 

– Marmaris

– Fethiye


And this is it.

While all of these places offer really amazing party possibilities like:

– Halikarnas open air disco

– Halikarnas catamaran party

– Famous Bodrum Bar Street

– Lots of bars

– Marmaris Bar street

– and much, much, much more….



But the problem is if you will cruise entire week just around Bodrum area or Marmaris area you will indeed be able to party like crazy, but you will miss out on the cruise itself.


Well here is a nice route Suggestion if you start your cruise in Marmaris region.

• If you cruise on Marmaris – Marmaris route, you can have an amazing party at the start and at the end of the week in Marmaris. During the cruise, you can have 2 times party on board of gulet and this means you will party easily 4 or even 5 times while also exploring lots of interesting places during the cruise. This is what group really like.  You can also cruise to  Fethiye direction which means you can also experience this interesting town during the week. 
• You can also cruise Marmaris – Marmaris and add several of Greek islands along the way also. For example, you can include Greek Islands SYMI and/or Rhodes and this would allow you to party in the middle of the week also on the Islands.
• Last option would be one-way Bodrum – Marmaris or reverse. This means you could party in Bodrum, Marmaris and on Greek islands also, but this program would be very busy due to the distance you would cruise (including partying) so I would not recommend it very much. It is also more expensive option (due to one-way cruise and Greek islands visit)

Turkey party gulet cruise

Every interesting Turkey Party gulet cruise option could be something like this:
– First night (Saturday): gulet stays in harbor and the people go out to Marmaris Bar Street
Sunday: during the day swimming etc. in Marmaris Bay like Paradise or Keci Island and in the evening back to Marmaris Harbour for partying
– Monday: (if the clients are interested in this) cruise to Ekincik doing Dalyan Excursion (to also see something else then Bars in Turkey) and staying over night in Ekincik.
– Tuesday: in the morning a cruise back to Marmaris Bay for swimming etc. and in the evening re-entering Marmaris Harbor for partying.
Boat cruising in sea of Marmaris, Turkey
– Wednesday: in the morning to Kadirga Bay, Ciftlik or Gebekilise for relaxation and swimming, overnight there ( or even 2 nights) in one of these places and a private party on board of a gulet.
– Thursday: Back to Marmaris Bay for relaxing in the Bay and joining the Bars in the night.
– Friday: Daily trip around Marmaris and last night in the bar street.
– Saturday: You leave the gulet with huge hangover and go back home 🙂 
This is an excellent program for young people on gulets who want to do a bit gulet relaxing holidays mixed with heavy parties.


If you are interested in having the most amazing and memorable Turkey Party Gulet Cruise all you have to do is drop us an inquiry and we will help you plan the best possible trip.


You need to be careful to book a gulet that has a younger crew that will allow you to party on a gulet and will not give you hard time if you play the music a bit louder.

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