Turkey gulet charter is one of the most amazing ways to spend your holidays. every day you are in a different bay, your crew taking care of all your wishes…All you have to do is just lay back and relax and enjoy the ride. However, there are a couple of things which are good to know before making a reservation. We will explain it all on this page.

Fact no.1 – The number of options is huge!

Nobody knows exactly what is the number of gulets (decent ones)in Turkey but the number could be close to 500.

And you have lots of categories, sizes and combinations to choose from. So it truly pays off to determine your Turkey charter wishes.

If you know what you want, there is a big chance we will find it for you much quicker and easier.

Read more on what is the best way to determine your Turkey Charter wishes on our BLOG on this link: Determine your wishes!

Gulet fleet

Fact no.2 – Know what is your approximate budget range!

The normal way should be to get special deals from owners and promote them to clients. But when it comes to Turkey charter it works the other way around.

We have to get the info from clients (and the most important part is your budget range) and then according to that info we can negotiate to get the best possible deals with owners.

This can sometimes be frustrating, but unfortunately, we can not do anything about it. In Turkey charter section you can best negotiate when there are real clients involved. Very few owners give out special deals and make them public.

Fact no.3 – State your wishes about activities during your gulet cruise!

The crew on gulets is usually amazing.

They will do everything – WHAT YOU TELL THEM! And this is the important part. If you will not be specific about your wishes, the crew will usually follow the route you requested with booking – the way it is usually done. However, there is something you have to know.

If your wish is to go ashore more, you have to tell the crew. If you wish to stay on anchor more away from crowds. You have to tell that to the crew.

If you wish to visit some archaeological sites – you have to state that. Be specific about your holiday’s wishes and activities you wish during the cruise.

DOUBLE EAGLE Enjoying the cruise

Fact no.4 – Main Turkey highlights!

If you are asking what you can do in Turkey and what you can see when you decide for Turkey charter the reply is not so easy. We invite you to check these links:

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