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Your wishes for Turkey Charter

How to determine your wishes for Turkey Charter to get best deals? All explained in this post. 

This is very easy going guide – a selection of questions which you have to ask yourself when interested in Turkey charter gulet holidays.

Just answer these questions and copy paste them to your e-mail when sending us a request – and you can be sure and relaxed you will 100% get the best deals.

There are more than 500 decent ships available for Turkey charter holidays.
They all range in size, no. of cabins and category and the fact is – THERE IS A PERFECT GULET FOR EVERY PERSON OUT THERE. the only problem is how to find it.
wishes for Turkey Charter
And this is where we come in. We do not know all 500 Turkey charter vessels, but the good news is our partners do!
In last 10 years, we have managed to determine who are the best local agents and gulet owners in Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye, Marmaris, Istanbul, Ankara…..and they have our 100% trust. Every partner is specialized for his area of gulets (luxury, economy, bigger gulets, smaller gulets, special routes, family oriented gulets, party cruises, religious trips, Best gulets in The World….). There is something for everybody. 
But in order to find it….we have to know what you are looking for!
So when it comes to Turkey Charter, there are two types of info we need from you. You can just copy paste this questions on your e-mail, answer them there and send it to
And you can be sure you will get the best possible deal – FOR YOU!
Here we go!
First questions are basic ones.
1) TURKEY CHARTER DATES OF TRAVEL: state when you would like to travel and how flexible are you. If you can travel in several periods, tell us which period would be the best, and what would also be okay for you. If you tell us this, we can truly explore all the options! So ask yourself and check the dates when you can really travel. 

 if you say you only have 10 people it means we will offer you gulets that have 5 cabins OR MORE! Sometimes you can get better, nicer and bigger 7 cabins gulet then 5 cabins gulet, so even if the gulet has more cabins, do not worry. If you need some single cabins also let us know. Some groups are made from only 5 people, but they need 5 cabins. Or if you are all couples, tell us you need cabins with double beds and that TWIN beds (separated beds) are not okay for you. 
Think for a second how your group is made. You have children, couples, seniors. What is the exact number of people in your group? How many cabins would you need?

if you know you will be flying to Dalaman airport or you prefer Bodrum airport, tell us your check in and check out preferences. Some gulets for Turkey Charter are super for Bodrum area but will get lost in places around Marmaris – and the other way around. 
Ask your local agent where he can get you the best flights too. Do you have some special wishes what you wish to see in Turkey? think about it and write it down.


4) BUDGET RANGE: I have already specified the importance of telling us your budget range on this link: Turkey charter budget range!


Private gulet


I will not talk how important it is again to tell us your budget here because it really is. If you do not know what is your budget think about it.

What is your budget per person for your gulet cruise including food?

Is it 1.000 €/person/week? Is it up to 1.500 €/person/week max? Or it is more than this?

You can also think LUMP SUM.

Would you like to spend max 10.000 €? Or 20.000 €?

Or something in between.

Think about it, The fact is we will give you more options.

So if you tell us, for example, you can spend around 15.000 €, we will offer you 3 gulets. 1 x for 13.500 €, 1 x for around 15.000 € ad 1 x around 17.000 € and then you can according to that give us feedback what you think about it.


The second base of questions when it comes to Turkey Charter is more ADVANCED!

Ask yourself also this questions:


a) Do I have some special preferences about the food? You prefer better food? Have you some allergies? You wish to eat out of the gulet sometimes also?

b) Do you have some children, seniors, party enthusiasts or some other type of people in your group and you are scared they will be bored? Let us know about it and we will advise you how to avoid boredom. 

c) Have you already traveled with gulets before and wish to try something new? Did you already travel before but in another country? Or you never traveled with gulets before and you need our full advice? Let us know about this also. We can then advise you according to this info.


This is the most important facts for the start.a


If you send us this info, you will for sure have the best possible holidays of your life. 


If you wish you can also send u a request via this link: TURKEY CHARTER INQUIRY FORM!

Mitja Mirtič
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