Truth About Sailing

The Truth About Sailing and why Sailors are full of it…

Here is one of the most common requests we get as an agency specialized in “boating”!

“We would like to go sailing!”

Gulet Sailing 

Unfortunately, gulets are not 100% optimized sailing yachts.

They use motor first – sails come second!

And this can sometimes cause a problem.

There are lots of “passionate sailors” who request sailing on a daily basis yet there is only a handful of gulets that can make this happen!

So clients then have to pay extra money for gulets that can actually sail – and then they do not care about it when the cruise takes part.


We made a survey at the end of the season 2013 because we wanted to get to the bottom of this. 

We interviewed 1.237 people (124 gulet charters) that requested interest in sailing (at the end of the cruise) and this is what we found out: 


We divided them into two groups:

Group A or 27% of “sailors” insisted on sailing but NEVER did when cruising. Out of them:

– 37% never asked to sail and did not even remember this during the entire cruise.

– 63% raised sails just to take pictures and that was it.


Group B or 73% DID sail:

– 82% sailed 2 or 3 times during the cruise and that was enough for them.

– 17% of the group sailed EVERY DAY and loved it.

When group B was asked about sailing possibilities of gulets 23% answered the were disappointed but that this would not affect their decision to come back on a gulet as they really enjoyed it nevertheless. 

We did not dig dipper into this stats, but my conclusions are obvious. 


EXPECTATION: People are IN LOVE with the concept of sailing. It all sounds so romantic and nice. Just the sound of wind and waves while you are sailing to the next destination!


THE TRUTH: Yes Sailing is a lot of fun, but it is also an adrenaline sport, you need to know what you are doing and in a case of stronger winds it can get dangerous. This is perfect for “sport” oriented people and is more a way of life than a form of relaxation. The number of REAL SAILORS is not so big as you might think!


amazing photo about sail of gulet


EXPECTATION: When you go sailing all your friends will be super jealous. 

THE SAD TRUTH: Sailing became very affordable and no longer attracts only the rich. So the factor of “coolness” is much lower nowadays when it comes to Sailing. 


Bodrum Cup


PEOPLE WISH TO SEE NICE PLACES AND STAY IN AMAZING BAYS: most of the people LOVE to escape the masses! They like to take a swim in secluded beaches and bays and they like the sea. And, more importantly, they go on a sailing yacht because that is all they know.

THE TRUTH: they get all the things mentioned! The only problem is that most sailing yachts have little space, you have to cook and clean on your own (which is not easy on the sea) and the safety is not as guaranteed as people think!


Gulet Boats


Yes, sailing is nice!

Yes, sailing holidays are much much cooler than checking into a hotel.

Yes, when you go sailing you will see lots of nice bays and you will escape the masses.


But you will also get “bad stuff” along with it!

14 (3)

The small area!

Lots of cleaning and cooking to do!

Toilets and showers that are really difficult to use on a regular basis!

Too much of adrenaline! 

The alternative?

Closer than you think!

Go on a gulet cruise.

You will raise sails now and then (to take pictures for your friends), you will have a crew that will take care of cleaning and cooking, you will check the most amazing places, get to eat fabulous food and have lots of space in your cabins, usable bathrooms and a room to “get away” from your friends (while on board with them).

Interested in some heavy sailing on a gulet? Just let us know in advance – and it can be done!

We wish you lots of good wind…eye, eye sailor…

Mitja Mirtič

P.S.: If you are interested to do sailing, you have to inform us when you send an inquiry!

Several gulets do not even have sails or they do not use them on a regular basis! If this is crucial for you, let us know in advance!

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