The best gulet

Why it pays off to pay more for the best gulet?

The best gulet for charter has 2 things in common. No.1 they are more expensive than other gulets. No.2 they are almost always fully booked. But how can this be?

It is the recession.

The times are hard.

The competition is huge.

How it is then possible that gulets that have higher prices are booked better?

Isn”t the price the most important thing when booking a gulet?


Lets first explain a definition, about “The best Gulet“!

Which gulet is “better”?

a) 5 stars DELUXE gulet with the bad crew, low quality food, poorly maintained and with a bed smell?

b) 3 stars STANDARD gulet, with superb captain and chef, that puts a lot of effort to provide best services and make the clients happy.

I think 90% of people would say option b!

But would they book option b, if the price would be the same? If both gulets would have the price 10.000 €/week for 10 guests in high season?

What would happen then?

I can tell you what usually happens. 

90% of people book option a! Because the price is lowered from 15.000 €/week. Because it is 5 stars gulet! Because the cabins look amazing on pictures. Because it just looks like a GREAT IDEA to book DELUXE gulet for such a small price.

If somebody would show me this kind of option, I would go for option an also.

Especially because that STUPID GULET OWNER  did not wish to give me even 5% discount for his lousy STANDARD gulet!

It seams as a really easy decision.

The best gulet

But is it?

When you dig a little bit deeper, a couple of questions POP OUT:

1) why this DELUXE gulet is giving such a huge discount?

2) why this STANDARD gulet is not giving even 5% off?

3) will the lower price on DELUXE gulet effect your services or you will get DELUXE treatment?


Let me give you replies on this 3 questions!

1) Because he is making bad business. Would you give huge discounts if your business is doing fine?

2) Because they stand behind their services 100% and they know what the client is getting for this money!

3) You will get DELUXE gulet but you can forget DELUXE services!

Crew makes your cruise


The best gulets do not lower their prices because of this things:

a) Lowering prices means CUTTING CORNERS!

b) This means poor quality results and saving on services!

c) This leads to customer attrition and complaints!

d) This means they will have to lower prices even more to get clients.


And this means they will eventually go out of business.


On the other hand, the best gulet owners who give everything for clients get this situation:

a) The clients pay more but they get 10 times more back.

b) Clients are amazed by the services, food and the experience they get back.

c) They come back, tell or their friends how good holidays they have, they share pictures on Facebook and they are super happy with everything!


The best gulets have 70% of the weeks booked only by repeated clients or by referrals. 

The best gulets have the best services


I said this at least 100 times before and I will say it again. The size of the cabins and the size of the gulet are NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF YOUR GULET CRUISE!!!!

The captain will make you places you can not imagine!

The chef will cook and prepare you the food you will never forget!

The crew will clean and serve you and this will make your holidays special.

Smart gulet owner will maintain the gulet the best possible way.

Food, services, and route you have will make your holidays special. More luxury gulet will only accommodate you a little bit more comfortably. But it does not mean you will have better holidays there. Not even close.

I have to say I did both!

I cruised on gulets that cost around 20.000 €/week and I had a very average holiday.

On the other hand, I cruised on low budget standard gulets before and I had the best time of my life there. 

FINAL THOUGHT: 3 stars gulet with amazing services will always beat 5 stars gulet that offers 50% discount!

Remember that!

It is hard to believe it, but it is 100% true.

If you wish to cruise with the gulet that has the price 15.000 €/Week, then pay the full price!

But then also expect THE MOST!

Everything has to be perfect.

If you wish to book a 15.000 €/week gulet and pay only 10.000 €/week for it…do it (you will have to do it via our competition as we are not going there – remember an example from above?

We do not wish to go out of business).

Gulet Blue Nose

Try it out and then contact us next year when we will be very happy to provide you with the best gulets possible (for your budget). 

Sometimes you can, of course, get very good deals (especially in lower season) and get away with great holidays, but this is more times a rare case rather than a standard thing in gulet business.

One last example. More of mathematical. 

Where did you pay/get more?

Deluxe gulet – 5 stars – including food for 10 guests – 10.000 €/week (price lowered from 15.000 €/week). 30 meters gulet with bigger maintenance costs!

Costs for fuel: 1.500 € (bigger gulets need more fuel)

Cost for crew: 2.500 € (he pays the crew on weekly basis as he is not booked well so the cost is higher and crew is put together just before the cruise)

Cost for food: 1.000 €

Other costs: 1.000 €

Total cost for the owner: 5.000 €!

Standard gulet – 3 stars – including food for 10 guests – 10.000 €/week (standard price). 24 meters gulet with smaller maintenance costs!

Costs for fuel: 800 € (smaller gulet, spends less fuel) 

Cost for crew: 1.500 € ( they are there for entire year so the cost/week is much smaller)

Cost for food: 2.500 €

Other costs: 500 € (everything standardized much better as they make more weeks)

Total cost for the owner: 5.300 €!

So what happened? In the first case, the owner will show you fewer things as the gulet spends more money on fuel, but you will pay more. You will also pay more for the crew, that will not be connected, not very experienced with the gulet and also not particularly motivated to make you happy, as it will be only part time job. Owner will save money on food, so you will get very very basic and low-quality food. 

Also not a loot of budget left to make you happy, to delight you and to give you extra stuff you might not expect to surprise you.

The rest of the money will probably go to the bank.

In the second case, the cost of fuel will be much smaller and as you paid the full price owner will be super motivated to show you the most amazing places possible.

You will pay less for the crew but the crew is working together for more than 4 years, they are super connected they know what they are doing and it is in their best interest to make you super happy as this means they will have the job also for next year.

Owner will also spend more than 2 times more money for food to make you incredibly happy. 

He will also have much smaller maintenance costs/week as he is booked so well and he will have more time left to delight you and make you extra satisfied!

So in the second example owner will spend more for you and because he is much better overall this can mean up to 3 times better services than in the first case.

Do you still think the size of the cabin is so important?

This is the perfect example why the best gulets are booked so well even if their prices are higher!

Hope this will help you in your decision.

Mitja Mirtič

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