Gulet Kobra

T. Keys (UK) – Gulet Kobra Review

We had always dreamt of a Gulet cruise but had some reservations as it was so different from our usual holiday.

All those uncertainties were dispelled the moment we set foot on the boat.

This is the way to spend a week if you really want to relax.

We had some smaller issues with the weather as Greece can be very windy, but the captain made us all feel safe and he always found good places protected from high waves.

It was GREAT.

Gulet Kobra


Which places, towns, attractions did you visit?









Several famous beaches (can’t remember names now, but they were really great)

Ikaria beach

Your overall comments on the trip and the travel company:

We got a better deal then we anticipated and we were scared if the crew will wish to save some money on services on board. But we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food, services of the crew and how nice they were all the time.

Everything was organized well. From the transfers, check-in procedures to the entire cruise.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

Bodrum Castle is a must.

Turkey is nice, but the Greek islands are so incredibly charming.

We loved getting out of the gulet from time to time to explore.

Symi hiking was great also.

The entire cruise concept was perfect for us.

Swimming Turkey gulet
If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?

We would go for 14 days instead of 7.

Cruising in style
What would be the advice you would give to your best friend interested in a gulet cruise?

Take it easy. Do not be scared by lots of planning you need to do before you book. It is all worth it. We postponed this trip for several years and now I am sorry we did not do it sooner.


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