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Special thanks to Goolets Sales team for doing such a good job!

A couple of time ago I checked a marketing seminar that disclosed a shocking stat about harmonization between the Marketing department and Sales departments in companies all over the World.

And because of the info I received there, I would like to give special thanks to Goolets Sales team for doing such an amazing job!

This blog post is a bit of a marketing lesson for companies and a shout out to our sales team. 

We can not just write about gulet cruises, in general, all the time :-)!

So to go back to what I was trying to say! There was the survey made that asked marketing departments what they think about the sales departments in their company and then they also asked the sales departments what they think about the marketing departments in that companies!

The stat was something like this:


To take this a little bit further!


What did salespeople say about the marketing team?


Our Sales department has a really tough job!

– The level of services and help that is demanded!

– The level of expertise they need!

– The patience they have to master!

– The education they have to follow!

One of our main advantages is clients support. 

We wish to make clients happy and match the right gulet with the right type of groups.

1) Marketing department prepares this kind of brochures!

2) Sales Department need to make the magic happen and deliver on the promises!


So I would also like to give a special thanks to our Goolets sales team for doing such a great job.


Some of the client’s feedback”s say it all! (this is not something I made up – this are replies from some of the clients that were in contact with us). Not all of them became our clients, but it is still good to see they appreciate our efforts.

–       Thanks for your help…..really excited!!!!

–       Thanks for your good service. I have been searching for the perfect cruise for some time and you have been helpful and prompt. Much appreciated. 

–       That is perfect! Thanks so much for all the great advice!! 

–       Many thanks for all of your help and assistance;  very much appreciated in helping us make some informed decisions.

–       However, whatever the outcome I would like to say, You have been wonderful. Your service has been the best I have ever experienced in Croatia by far. I will pass your name onto one of our Croatian travel agents here in Sydney if that is ok with you.

–       Thanks again for your prompt info.

–       Thanks, Alenka starting to feel like old fiends, appreciate your patience….Sue

–       Thank you for all the useful information.  

–       Many thanks for your input. I have already looked at the gulets and they are all great. We will all get together on Saturday to look at the options and then make the final decisions. I like the standard gulet as the cabins would suit our group. Also, the price is good.

–       You have given me a lot of fantastic tips and lots to consider. Thank you again. Kind regards. Betty

        –       We are very impressed with your speedy and professional services.

         –       Please accept our gratitude for your promptness and be assured that we will recommend you to any of our friends that might be looking for gulets in the future.

         –       Hi Andrej, Thanks for your thoughtful reply and advice.

         –       Thank you for all the detail and your assistance in finalizing our arrangements.

          –       Thanks for all your coordination, it is very much appreciated.

          –       Thank you very much for your cooperation!

          –       Thank you for reply We appreciate your effort and guidances

          –      Dear Andrej, You are really a great guy! You absolutely right that the value of a good service is more sometimes then the discount. We are choosing you !!!

To name just some of the good feedback”s from last week.

If you would like to try them out and see for yourself you can start by clicking the button below!

They will be happy to assist you!

And I hope if our company gets surveyed they will not say our marketing team is “paper pushers” and “irrelevant”! 

If they do it we might return the favor 🙂



So keep up the good work!

Mitja Mirtič


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