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On a Gap Year? Why not Explore the world by Gulet

On a Gap Year? Why not Explore the World by Gulet!

Taking a gap year is an incredible rite of passage that enables you to see the world, explore new cultures, and maybe even discover a little more about yourself along the way! But have you considered how you will travel during your gap year? Will you fly from country to country, staying in dusty hostels and hotels? This is difficult, and often time-consuming, although very common, way to approach gap year travel.   Did you know there is another alternative? You could enjoy your break on a luxury boat, and still, see just as much of the world on a schedule to suit you. A gulet is a traditional two-masted wooden boat which originates from the southwest coast of Turkey. With a gulet you will have the freedom to explore Greece, Turkey or Croatia in luxury, and you can pick any route from more than 500 different gulet cruise boats combined with 50 different routes. The possibilities are endless!



The Benefits of Gulet Travel

The main benefit of choosing to spend time on a gulet is that you will have the freedom to choose your own route, so whether you want to see the beautiful coastlines of Greece, rugged terrain of Croatia or scenic beauty of Turkey (or even all three) you can choose where you go, and what you see. Depending on your budget, or the number of friends you are traveling with, you can either rent a whole gulet or a cabin on a pre-existing gulet tour; obviously, you will have more freedom when choosing the route if you are hiring the whole boat. Another great thing about living on the gulet is that you get to see so much in a short period of time. You can travel the world without moving from your sun lounger, making it the perfect gap year for the lazy or ‘more relaxed’ personality types: no plane transfers to organize, no hot sticky hostel rooms, just great service on a gorgeous boat and your own room throughout, just as you want it! Finally, there are no crowds to contend with on your own gulet: a common problem at some of the most popular gap year locations. So you can have the freedom to move about as you wish!



Plan Ahead!

Before you leave for your gap year, it’s important to think about what you will need for the time you are away and plan ahead as much as possible. Read about the culture and local laws for every country you are visiting, to ensure you don’t accidentally fall foul of the law. You may even require visas or work permits for your trip, and these can take quite a long time to acquire. It’s crucial to allow enough time for the applications for these visas so that your trip isn’t scuppered by not having the right paperwork. As state, it is important to remember that very few countries outside the UK have a free medical service like the NHS. So before you leave for your trip ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover any eventuality. Otherwise, something as simple as a sprained ankle or antibiotics for a mild infection could end up costing you thousands of pounds. And student travel insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so there’s no excuse not to look into it before you leave. Plan ahead to ensure you have the best gap year trip possible!


Don’t Have Time to Take a Full Gap Year? Want to experience a gap year, but don’t actually have a full year? Gulet trips are perfect for shorter breaks, as you can cram so much traveling into a short space of time. So if you want to see multiple countries and experience all the sights and sounds you would on a gap year, but only actually have a month (or maybe less!) until you have to go back to university or work, you won’t have time for a conventional backpacking-style gap year. Instead, hop on a gulet and let the crew take you to the sights; you’ll see more in a month than you would in six months of conventional traveling. Hop aboard and embark on the best adventure of your life!

By: Melissa Cox 

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