Kapetan Jure

My first Motor sailor cruise ever. It was an amazing experience in Croatia.

My very first cruise did not happen on a gulet, but on a motor sailor Kapetan Jure.

I was really not sure what to expect.

This was a cruise organized by an agency for other travel agencies in order to get to know this type of product…and I must say I was quite amazed by how cool is Motor sailor cruise.

Till then I was always going on holidays to Hotel or we rented a villa or apartment, but this was something new. Immediately after this holidays, I started thinking to rent a gulet in Croatia just for me and my friends. 

It was crazy good. Here is why:

1) every day you check different island

2) every day new bars and discos (I was young what can I say :-))

3) the food was amazing

4) the company was great

5) the Capt. Ante Rakuljič was just amazing and his entire crew also 

6) during the day we checked super nice bays and I was snorkeling bays that were out of this World….


All in all, it was a great cruise. 

Motor Sailor Kapetan Jure is a 25 meters long 16 cabins vessel, every cabin has its own shower and toilet and it is (still) in great shape.

Kapetan Jure


When I look back on this cruise, now I have a bit more clear picture what was really great on this cruise, and what was not so cool.

So this post is actually very good for the PROS and CONS type of post, where I explain what are motor sailors like in comparison with gulets.

So here we go!

Photo Gallery of Kapetan Jure:



1) The motor sailor ships from Croatia are the best type of ships when it comes to cabin charter.They can accommodate more people (which means more money for the owner) and they are still not ships for mass tourism like huge motor sailors.


2) the tradition in Croatia for this kind of ships is very long so the owners are almost always also the captains.You can not expect white gloves professionalism, but you can expect genuine hospitality of the owners (on most of the ships) and you can expect a lot of great stories and fun adventures. 


3) most of this ships have amazing numbers of repeat clients. Some ships have around 70% of bookings from groups, that are coming back every year. 


4) the selection when it comes to motor sailors in Croatia is huge. there are well over 150 vessels that can accommodate from 16 and up to 40 people on ships B category, A category, A+ category and deluxe category. Budget ranges from 400 €/person/week and up to around 1.000 €/person/week – max.


Motor Sailor


1) they can get a bit crowded. While gulets have from 4 to 8 cabins on 20 – 30 meters size on average, motor sailors have from 12 and up to 20 cabins on 25 to 40 meters in length. So much more cabins on the similar size. 


2) If you are in search on more DELUXE type of vessels, you will not be very happy. While some motor sailors are up to 40 meters long and truly huge, they are mostly built on “as many cabins as possible” basis. So 40 meters means 20 cabins, and the price per person is more or less max up to 1.000 €/person/week – and so are the services.


3) it is not easy to get a group of 30 people to travel with you. It is a bit easier to find 10 friends and rent a gulet. 


4) Gulets usually have a smaller draft and can come to places, where motor sailors can not. Motor sailors also most of the time have fixed itineraries and most of them always spend a night on ports…So it is hard to spend the night on the anchor with this vessels.


5) Gulets are super comfortable when it comes to the lay out of gulet. Lots of nice space on deck for relaxation, you eat outside and you can even sleep on deck. In motor sailors, you eat in saloon and the deck is not as comfortable as on gulet. 

 If you do not like bigger crowds, but you like smaller groups of max 8 – 10 or 12 persons, then gulets are perfect. 

Gulet Balina


All in all, I had a great time on Kapetan Jure and it was a perfect experience.

If you do not have a group and you are on a tight budget, then I also suggest you the motor sailor cruise. Just rent a cabin, it will cost you around 500 – 800 €/person/week on average and you will see very fast if this is something you like or you will wish to go back to the hotel.

But I warn you, you can get hooked very fast. I know I did 🙂

You can also contact us for motor sailor cabin charter cruise. We are specialized for gulet type cruises, however, we also work with all the biggest operators of this kind of cruises in Croatia and we will be able to offer you very nice advice on the route, ships (we know them all) and what should you book.

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Mitja Mirtič

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