Gulet Perla del Mare

TOP 5 best and most expensive gulet ships

This is not strict to the point 100% valid list, but these vessels are very interesting. I have visited all of them personally and they impressed me with their size, quality and the professionalism of the crew.

If you are interested to rent one of the Best Gulets in The World let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are just curious and like to see the amazing pictures and info about those gulets enjoy also.

Here we go. This is my personal list of most expensive gulet ships and the most stunning vessels. 


GULET NO.1 – GALILEO, 50 meters, 5 cabins. Charter price: over 100.000 €/week + extras!

Gulet Galileo

Gulet Galileo


I visited this gulet a couple of years ago in Bodrum and I must say it was one of the most amazing vessels I have ever seen. 


GULET NO.2 – INFINITY, 43 meters, 6 cabins. Charter price: around 100.000 €/week + extras!


Gulet Infinity

I was on this gulet while it was still being built in Bodrum in a boatyard in Icmeler.

The ship was built according to the most amazing standards and technology.

 Gulet Infinity

GULET NO.3 – REGINA, 56 meters, 6 cabins. Charter price: around 100.000 €/week + extras!

Gulet Regina

I have inspected gulet Regina in a Marmaris boat show. It is not a classic gulet, but more of a sailing vessel.

Gulet Regina Deck

The gulet was used also in one of the most famous movies. Which one? If interested, send us e-mail and we will tell you or Google it 🙂

Gulet Regina sailing

GULET NO.4 – DAIMA, 38 meters, 5 cabins, over 75.000 €/week

Gulet Daima

We made a movie about this super nice gulet some time ago in Marmaris boat show!

Gulet Daima Sailing

Enjoy. The gulet is truly super nice. Gulet Daima was also the winner of Bodrum Regatta some time ago.



GULET NO.5 – PERLA DEL MARE, 42 meters, 6 cabins, around 65.000 €/week

Gulet Perla del Mare

I visited gulet Perla Del Mare 2 years ago in Marmaris boat show and it sure is amazing. 

 Gulet Perla Del Mare Salon

 I hope you enjoyed this list.


Like I said new gulets are being built every year and probably soon this list will not be 100% actual anymore.


If you know of some other interesting examples, let us know and we will happily add them to this list – or create a new post around it.  


Mitja Mirtič



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