Marmaris gulet cruise route suggestions! Very interesting.

Are you thinking to make a Marmaris gulet cruise? If you do, and you have no idea where would be the best place for you to cruise then this might be helpful for you. Check out Marmaris Turkey gulet cruise possibilities. 

If you wish to make a gulet cruise from Marmaris there are the possible cruise areas: 

1) Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

2) Marmaris – Datca – Marmaris

3) Marmaris – Bozburun and/or Datca – SYMI and/or RHODES – Marmaris


If you have a bit higher budget and can pay a little bit extra, you also have several one-way possibilities: 

1) Marmaris – Bodrum 

2) Bodrum – Marmaris

Let me give you some descriptions of the routes also. 

  • Marmaris – Datca – Marmaris (this is my personal favorite route.)
  • It is far away from the tourist mass, wonderful nature, and crystal clear waters

Very nice spots, fisher villages and smaller towns on the way.


The places you would see on this route : (you can google them. They are all very nice).

Kadirga, Gebekilise, Arap Adasi, Serce, Bozukkale, Bozburun,
Selimiye, Gulf of Hisarönü, Datca and back again


Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

This is the most commercial and popular program. 

It is very nice but I personally do not recommend it very much especially in the months of July and August when it is very crowded.

Too much of gulets, sailing boats and motor yachts all over the bays.

Nearly 80% of yachts leaving Marmaris go to this direction and all yachts from Göcek and Fethiye cruise in this area, too.

The reason why they go there is not that Datca direction is not so nice (I would say Datca is much nicer), the reason for this route is more known and clients do ask to go there and think that they will lose something if not doing this trip.

My opinion is that they do lose in not doing the Datca trip.

Also in this route, you have lots of places to visit: :

1) Göcek area with its dozens of Bays and Islands.

2) Stopping in Ekincik and a chance to join an optional trip to Dalyan area.

You would be picked up from your gulet by a smaller river boat, do the cruise with this boat through a wonderful river labyrinth. delta of Dalyan River)

You could visit the ancient city Caunos, would see the Kings Rock Tombs, could visit the mud baths and could have a walk in Dalyan City


3) At the end, a swimming break at Caretta Beach is possible which I heard is supposed to be the 6th best beach in the World (Iztuzu Beach).

This is the highlight of the Fethiye trip, but as I mentioned it is optional and cannot be made with the gulet.

This is a very nice excursion but for my opinion, a disaster in the high season as every spot during the excursion is incredibly over crowded.

Not only guests from the yachts do visit this area, but much more guests do also come from the cities Marmaris, Fethiye and even Bodrum (hotel guests) by buses for daily trips/excursions.

The final decision is up to you of course.

This is just my humble opinion.

Mitja Mirtič

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