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Main factors when booking a gulet. How should you decide which gulet is best for you?

Which factors are the most important one for clients, when they are booking a gulet? We have made an analysis of our inquiries in the last 5 years and more than 80% of our clients are searching for similar things. It is usually a connection of these 5 factors:

 a)      Large discounts

 b)      Size of the gulet

 c)       Size of the cabins and bathrooms

 d)      Gulet age

 e)      Sparkling factor of gulet in pictures


Main factors when booking a gulet


If you give a client a gulet, which offers a huge discount (and is because of that cheaper than actual clients budget), has a great size and comfortable cabins, nice bathrooms, it was built in last 5 years and has great pictures – YOU HAVE A WINNING COMBINATION!


In most of the time, you will get a booking. But unfortunately for clients, there is also another side of the story, which is not so good! There are 3 more other factors, which are A LOT MORE IMPORTANT than the above-mentioned ones.


Gulet Andi Star


Here are examples, why the above-mentioned factors are not even close as important, as they might seem to be.


 a) Large discounts are definitely a very tempting thing when booking a gulet, but you have to ask yourself a very important question! »Why there is such a big discount on the gulet«? If you do not get a very clear reply regarding this, you should be careful. Usually, huge discounts come with bed booking seasons and at the end, the difference in price has to be covered. It is either directly from client’s pocket, or it is on behalf of quality services. With lower prices, a lot of times also food is lower quality, the crew is cheaper and not experienced and the gulet is not in perfect shape also. You have to know also 1 more thing. Gulets which do not lower their prices, do that because of 3 reasons.

1 – Because they do not wish to lower the quality of their services.

2 – Because they are booked very well, have a lot of repeat clients and 100% satisfaction

3 – because they know their services are worth the price they have and they stand behind of it.


Gulet Akana


So a lot of times (most of time) it is better to book a gulet, which has the price 10.000 € for last 5 years and is booked very wells with a great name and services, rather than a gulet that has the price of 14.000 € and has lowered it to 10.000 € for this clients.


Discounts can still be good, however, be sure to ask your broker:”Why did I get such a big discount”! If the reply is good, then you got a real deal on the great gulet. If the reply is not satisfactory, think again before making a booking.


b) The size of the gulet is the second most important factor when clients are searching for gulets. However, this is not even close as important as people might believe. Most luxury sailing vessels (bare boats) usually have around 15 – 17 meters in length and they offer very nice luxury. Lower budget gulets already have sizes from 20 to 24 meters in length. So there is always enough deck space on gulets. It is a lot more comfortable to be on superbly maintained gulet which is 25 meters in size, rather than poorly maintained 32 meters gulet.


Deluxe Turkey Gulet


c) The size of the cabins and bathrooms is the third most important factor for clients which is again, not very important. On gulet cruises, you spend 90% of the time on deck. You eat on deck, you swim outside, you sunbathe on deck, you go ashore and you have a good time. A lot of times you can even sleep on deck. You go to the cabin just to take a shower, to use the toilet and to change your clothes. So the size of the cabin is a nice factor to have, but not even close crucial to your holiday satisfaction.


Super luxury gulets - Cabin 


d) Gulet Age is something a lot of clients are very much interested in (especially in luxury section). Again this can be very deceiving. You can have a gulet, which was built in 1990, and looks after 21 years as it was built in 2010. On the other hand, you have gulets, which were built in 2008 and they are already in a poor condition. Gulets are all about good maintenance.


Turkey page 2014 


e) The sparkling factor of gulets on pictures. This is a factor, which sounds least important on this list, but it can happen it is the most important one. With a good photographer, you can make even a not very luxury type gulet look great which can be a bad news. On the other hand making great pictures in this times is not very hard anymore and if owners do not have decent pictures, it means either they are booked to good, and they do not care about good pictures (good news for clients) or they do not have the right attitude and modern thinking (bad news for clients) which means you can expect the same with services on board. So pictures are important, but not crucial.


Gulet Grande Mare


So now you will ask yourself, if this is not important, what is? What could be more important than good price, large gulet and cabins, the age of gulet and pictures of the gulet made?

How can you possibly have a bad holiday, if all the mentioned factors are according to my wishes?

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Mitja Mirtič 

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