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Luxury Gulet Rent Possibilities – VIP info for Deluxe groups only.

Luxury Gulet Rent possibilities are extensive. You can choose between more than 60 ULTRA DELUXE GULETS (that cost more than 35.000 €/week) and well over 150 gulets that have the very very decent luxury (prices from 15.000 – 30.000 €/week).

You can also find more than 10 gulets where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would have very good time – which we like to put in “Best gulets in the World” category. 


Gulet Grande Mare


But HOW TO CHOOSE not the best one but the RIGHT ONE for YOU? 


You also have to know that options for Croatia Gulet Charter are different than options for Turkey Gulet Charter or Greece Charter. In this blog post, I will concentrate more on Turkey, because the possibilities are much bigger.


WHAT TO LOOK FOR when it comes to Luxury Gulet Rent?

To make it simple in this article I will try to explain 4 most crucial things you need to know when it comes to booking Luxury vessels. 


You can also go to this link and just follow the steps needed to get you to your Luxury cruise:  Luxury Gulet Cruises!


So here are the 4 things, which you have to know about Luxury Gulets.



What do you think is a better luxury.

a) Classic Gulet cruise design. A bit old school boat, with more deck space and nice wood all around. 


Luxury Gulet Rent possibilities


b) Super Modern Gulet cruise design. similar to the Sailing yacht or motor yacht.


Luxurious gulet rental


THE ANSWER: but are cool. But it depends on you of course. Some people like super modern approach, with lots of sailing. Some people like super modern approach, similar to motor yachts and they are not really into sailing. Some people like classic looks. All 3 are okay. All you have to know is that almost everything is possible. All you have to do is specify your wishes and you will get the right one for you.



Most people are not aware of the importance of the crew on board. But THE CREW is what makes your holidays. Believe me. Some that I know (this is especially true for Croatia Gulet Charter) looks quite an NON LUXURY…But they have a very luxury price. And you know what? They are more or less completely SOLD OUT! And you know why? For only 1 single reason! And this is CREW. 


When people go back on blue cruises and they become repeated clients they NEVER go back because gulet had large cabins. They ALWAYS go back because of the captain, or because of the chef, or because of the owner or because the entire crew made this holidays such an amazing experience for them..they wish to come back.


So when searching for luxury gulet rent possibilities, always double check what is the crew like. And try to get a very good comment from your agent. Crew profile does not normally tell the story. It can give just a general impression. But the advice from your booking agent can make all the difference.   


Luxury Gulet Rent



If the crew is the most important part of your cruise….then the food takes the second place. I have seen examples when the gulet had engine breakdown. When the captain went into the fight with the owner and left the gulet…and they had to change him during the cruise. I have seen lots of things. And a lot of times clients are okay with it….if the food is amazing.


Again you will not remember you had Jacuzzi in your bathroom or how big your bad way…but you will remember the food for the rest of your life.


Lots of times people take more expensive gulet option and then they lower the quality of their food because they are on a tight budget.


I would do just the other way around. 4 stars gulet with 5 stars food is a much better option than 5-star gulet with 4-star food.


Gulet Vongole



To sum it all up, how I would choose the luxury gulet for myself.


a) First I would determine my wishes. When exactly I wish to travel. With how many people and to which destination(s).

b) Then I would ask for more info from 2 or 3 agencies on the internet. Very general info. For example:

      – Which destination is more attractive (Turkey, Croatia, Greece or something else)
      – What is the price like? What kind of quality can I get for what kind of money?
      – What would be agency recommendations, considering we are a family with small children.

c) The agency which would give me the best info – I would trust the most.

d) Then I would give the agency final info about a budget, category I am searching for, a destination that is the best for me and tell them to send me 3 or 4 best gulet deals with their personal comments about each gulet. Why would that boat be suitable?




I would not concentrate 100% on the price. The gulets should all be inside my price range, but I would not book the cheapest option all the biggest discounts. I would go after a gulet that I believe (and my agent would advise me) is the best.


I would add some of the negotiations on the TOP of it. Get more advice from the agency on the:

– best route I should cruise

– how is the crew on the gulet I am interested in

– what kind of food is on gulet


And this is more or less it.


If you follow this kind of easy procedure you should be OK. If your agent is OK of course. If you are unlucky OK can very fast turn into KO 🙂


I hope this helps.


If you are in search of a good advice and your best Luxury Gulet Rent option drop us inquiry.


We will be happy to assist you.


Mitja Mirtič 

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