Gulet in Turkey

Listen to the gulet expert! Great advice from Didem Afroditi!

Her full name is Didem Afroditi Taskan Eleutheriadou. Can you pronounce her full name and last names?

Do not worry neither can I :-).

But what I can do is tell you that when she gives a good advice as a gulet expert on cruising Turkey & Greek islands you should listen.

Because it might just give you the info that will turn your holidays from average to amazing. And this is one of our main goals here at Goolets.

Mrs. Didem is Blue Cruise Turkey expert and works for tour operator (company Barbaros Yachting) and she has both Turkey and Greece roots. 

Besides being very dedicated worker she is also a huge expert for gulets and it was a pleasure to do this fun interview with her.

Here we go.

1) Who is Didem Afroditi Taskan Eleutheriadou?

I am the Executive Assistant of the company Barbaros Yachting. We are based in Bodrum.

I deal with anything you can imagine inside the company, from the Yacht Charter Licenses to sales and being the assistant of Mr. Barbaros Chairman of the Board.

I have a mixed blood. A bit of Greek a bit of Turkish blood running through my veins. My Full name is Didem Afroditi Taskan Eleutheriadou.

2) What is for you as a gulet expert the perfect COMBINATION OF A CRUISE (when it comes to Turkey – Greece together)?

My perfect combination “of course” is Turkish Coast and Greek Islands.

For younger people (from 25 – 45) I would offer you Bodrum – South Dodecanese – Bodrum itinerary this is my favorite!

If you are a bit elder than I would say Bodrum – North Dodecanese – Bodrum which is a bit more tranquil.

3) Lots of people are wondering how it is possible that Turkey gulets can make cruises with the Turkish flag in Greek islands. How do Greek people and people from islands look on this?

As long as you remain in the rules of Cabotage there is no problem. Greek people who are owners of the shops on the islands are glad about that since they earn money as more and more tourists are being transferred with our gulets.

4) What kind of Greek cruises have the best feedback from clients and what are they saying?

These 2 itineraries are the best

South Dodecanese cruise

North Dodecanese cruise


5) Which is for you TOP 5 most beautiful Greek places you could check with a Turkish gulet?

My favorite islands are Symi, Patmos, Rhodes and Kos for the Dodecanese region. Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos and Paros for the Cyclades region.


6) Which is for you TOP 5 most beautiful places you could check with a gulet in Turkey?

Cleopatra Island, English Harbor for the Gulf of Gokova

Gemiler Island, Yassica Islands, Dalyan Caunos Caretta-Caretta beach for Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris itinerary

Dead sea in Gocek is a must!

Also, a visit to Gulf of Hisaronu should not be missed.


7) What are the main differences between Turkish kebab and Greek gyros and between ouzo and raki?

Right person to ask 🙂

Gyros and döner kebab are very much alike, only that döner is made of lamb while gyros are pork.

Turks cut döner very very thin and Greeks thick.

Greeks mostly prefer gyros with tzatziki while Turks cannot even think of this combination 🙂

The scale of strength in these is: the lightest one is ouzo then comes raki (with a lot more anise in it) the strongest one is tsipouro!!!!!

Hope this interview was as fun for us as it was for you.

If you are interested in Greece or Turkey cruise and you are not sure if this is for you, learn from the brochure below.

Mitja Mirtič


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