A place to see during your gulet cruise. Kaputas beach in Turkey.

In this blog post, we will explain more info about Kaputas beach in Turkey. It is an amazing beach to check and you will not be sorry if you will go there.



On the breathtaking road between Kalkan and Kas, the beach at Kaputas is formed by a gorge that opens out into a stretch of sand. 


The long flight of steps down from the road means there are no facilities on the beach, so take water and a parasol if you”re planning to stay a while.  It”s a popular beach with locals, which gives it a very different feel to many of Turkey”s more accessible stretches of coastline. 




Dolmuses (minibusses) between Kalkan and Kas stop off at Patara, and if you go on a windy day there are fabulous waves.


Kaputaş Beach is a long beach between Kaş and Kalkan in southwestern Turkey. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from Kaş and 7 from Kalkan, at a point where an extremely narrow valley towered by steep cliffs and forests joins the sea shore in the cove of the same name as the beach (Kaputaş).


The beach is quite popular among visitors to the region due to its untouched natural beauty commanded by a view from the heights traversed by Kaş-Kalkan road.


There are no fixed amenities in Kaputaş Beach, with only ambulant vendors who set up small stands selling snacks and hiring out sun umbrellas during the day.


The beach is reached by stairs descending from the road and is guarded by the municipality of Kalkan.


It is a favorite stopover for yachts along the Blue Cruise, although the open sea, and sometimes also the cove itself, can be quite unstable and wavy.




The sea gets deep rather close to the beach in Kaputaş.

Is a cruise in Turkey for you?

You will never know if you do not try it out.

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