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Is it safe to send money to a foreign travel agency?

You live in a country far far away and you would like to book a gulet cruise in Croatia via agency located in Slovenia? Is this safe? In this blog post, we will explain why making the payment via Goolets agency is secure and your sleep will not be troubled. 


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When you decide to book a gulet and send money for your cruise holidays, there are 3 things that could go wrong.







In our case, all you need to worry about is the point no.4. I will explain you the payment procedure and you will understand why.


Here are 3 reasons why you do not have to worry when making payments via Goolets.


Reason no.1:  Goolets booking/payment procedure.


When you make a deposit payment to secure your gulet cruise holidays we do 2 things:

a) We send the money immediately to the gulet owner

b) We sign a contract with You, where we guarantee the gulet will be there – waiting for you or we find a better substitute



– If our agency would go broke your money would already be with the gulet owner so it would have no effect on you

a) After deposit payment is made (or even before that if it makes you feel better), we can put you in direct contact with gulet owner

b) You can check with him if our agency is trustworthy and if it safe to do business with Goolets

c) You could also check with him if he received your deposit payment after you sent it to us

WHY THIS IS GOOD: if our agency would have problems, your deposit payment would already be at the owner’s account. It only means that the second payment would be done to the owner directly and you embark the gulet normally, no matter how Goolets agency is doing at the moment.

– If gulet owner would go broke we guarantee you to find a different (same or better vessel) and pay for it from our pocket

a) We make a separate contract with the owner and with you as a client.

b) If the owner has a problem, we do guarantee you that you will either get the gulet same or better quality or a full refund.

WHY THIS IS GOOD: the bank can take the gulet if the owner did not make payments. An engine can break down. All sorts of things can happen. For all these scenarios, we got you covered. 


These are of course extreme scenarios – but you are sending lots of money to a foreign country and you need to be aware of all the things that could go wrong.

Do not worry – we do not plan to go broke anytime soon and gulet owners we work with are all tested, good and nowhere close to going broke. 


Reason no.2 – Payment options.

You have several options to secure your gulet and make the deposit payment.

After the contracts are signed and all questions answered you can either pay via classic money transfer from your bank to Goolets company account.


Or to make everything even safer you can pay with a credit card.


We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express.


Most of this credit cards also have a backed safety mechanism which would allow you get all your money back in case you would be cheated and your money would be stolen.


Reason no.3 – Travel insurance directed by Slovenian Law

Goolets agency has a valid travel agency license and you can obtain this licence only if you are insured – in case you go broke.

This is the directive by a strict Slovenian (EU) law which makes it safer for the clients to make payments knowing that even if the agency goes broke there is somebody that will cover for them. 

I hope this explanation answered all of your questions.

If you are still not sure we can schedule a phone call conversation where we will be happy to answer all of your additional questions and concerns. 

Mitja Mirtič


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