Is client always right?

The main slogan of most companies goes like this: CLIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

But is it? Is the client always right?

We had several clients that were (easy to say) crazy.

And I am not scared to go public with it.

I will not mention them by name but if they read this…

I hope they will think about it a bit and look themself in the mirror.

All of those were not our direct clients – some of them were also from the stores we heard so if all is not 100% true I apologize…but they sure are fun to read.


Gulet owner from Croatia had a group of 2 French families on board. They were acting like huge snobs all the time and on day no.4 it was a bit too much for the owner.

The entire behavior of clients was changed with 1 gesture from the sailor that was working on a gulet.

The story goes like this.

The gulet was looking for a good spot to anchor the gulet in some bay as it was lunchtime and the weather was not so good. As it was the high season it was super hard to find a spot.

Finally, the owner did find a spot next to 1 more sailing yacht where a nice family with 3 small children was already moored.

So in order for the gulet to get this spot the sailing yacht would have to move a bit and let the owner tie the gulet right next to this sailing yacht. 

They did them a huge favor and allowed the gulet to go next to them.

And then happened something crazy.

3 man from this French group decided they will be nudists (which was in that case completely and 100% inappropriate).

There were small kids and woman 1 meter away on a smaller sailing yacht and the nudism did not end like this.

The French man went right next to this sailing yacht flashing their precious jewelry and screaming up loud: LOOK AT THIS! THIS IS FRENCH SAUSAGE!!!

They were around 50 – 60 years old people, just for your attention!


The owner was in total shock. He really felt bad for that family that made them a favor and now these people were acting like complete idiots!

He was thinking how he could diplomatically solve that and while he was thinking his sailor had enough and jumped in. The sailor was not an expert in human behavior and philosophy but he did the only thing he could…He hit directly to clients ego!

He waited that the wife’s of this French nudists arrived (the owner was an even bigger shock that they were actually okay with this behavior also…but I guess they were used to it) and then he went to action.

He came to this 3 guys and started laughing really out loud.

It was not acting…it was true huge honest laughter.

French guys, wives, the family on a sailing yacht, owner…EVERYBODY LOOKED AT HIM ASKING THEM SELF…WHAT IS GOING ON? What is he up to.

And when EVERYBODY got the attention he said really really loud – so that EVERYBODY COULD HEAR IT!

“You call this FRENCH SAUSAGE?

We would say this is more like a Croatian Čevapčiči!! 


I would never be nudists if I would be working with tools like that!! hahaha”

Croatian Čevapčiči is something like this:


So the entire gulet cruise went to into some crazy macho man crazy way…and the owner had no idea what will happen.

Will the clients go crazy?

Will they go into a huge fight?

Will they have problems until the end of the cruise because of that?

He had no idea what will happen!!!

And what happened:

1) EVERYBODY started to laugh like crazy (everybody but this 3 naked man)
2) THE 3 NAKED MAN IMMEDIATELY!! took their swimming shorts and put them.

3) UNTIL THE END OF THE CRUISE they behaved very nicely.

No more problem.

I guess it is a “touchy” subject 🙂

Sometimes things get solved very easily 🙂

The man EGO sometimes truly works in mysterious ways (check out the best marketing ever on the picture above)

Mitja Mirtič

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