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Is Cabin Charter on Gulet for You? Better be 100% Sure. It is not for everyone.

Cabin charter on gulet can be one of the most amazing ways to travel around.

However, this type of holidays is just not for everybody.  In this blog post, I will try to explain why.

Cabin charter on gulet


It can be hard to organize a group of people to travel together and this is one of the main reasons why renting a cabin on gulet are becoming more and more popular.

Lots of people like to meet new people and see the route and itinerary planned ahead – while other people are not so sociable and like everything organized according to their wishes.

The prices can be very affordable, especially in Turkey as you can travel with a gulet in Turkey already for less than 300 €/person/week.




Cabin charter on gulet can also be very unpleasant if you are not aware of some of the things agencies will usually not tell you about.

As we prefer no clients instead of unhappy clients we would like to tell you how it looks like in advance.

If these things are fine with you, then you will have an amazing time on board.



People are coming to gulet cruises with different flights from different countries.

While some people already arrive early in the morning, some people fly in late in the evening.

That is why gulets can not leave the port on the first day and also the first night is usually spent in harbors.

If you spend the first night in Split, Trogir, Bodrum, Marmaris or some other port which is busy, you can expect some noise during the first night.

The same goes also for last night.

Check in on gulet


Imagine a combination of English, French, American, Australian, Asian and Spanish clients cruising together with you.

If your first thought was:”This is great, I will meet so many different people, nationalities and make friendships” – THEN YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.

If your first thought was” Damn….I f****ing  hate this crazy…….(insert your own nationality)” – THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK OF SOME OTHER TYPE OF HOLIDAYS.


Group cruising



In Turkey, if you book low/standard budget gulet cruises you will find out the name of the gulet when you make check in.

These gulets are economy type gulets with no air condition and you should not expect luxury accommodation.

Also, it can happen the crew will not speak English very fluently.  In Croatia or in gulets that are higher quality, this is not a problem.



Food is also connected with the price you pay.

If you book a gulet cruise for 300 €/person/week do not expect lobsters.

The food will be good, you will for sure not be hungry and most of the people are happy with it…but again, do not expect lobsters or lots of fish.

On better luxury gulets this is of course again different. The food gets better as the price goes higher.


Gulet Crew


This is the most important parts of the cruise.

If you can live with this, you will have a great time onboard.

If you prefer a tailor-made itinerary and the privacy of your own group, get some friends to travel with you and book entire gulet.

It is also a very good idea.


Our company offers Turkey cabin charter, Croatia cabin charter, and Greece cabin charter cruises

Mitja Mirtič

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