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Interview with Amy Laughinghouse, a British writer, about Croatia

Amazing Interview with Amy Laughinghouse about travel and holidays in Croatia talking about her travel story in Croatia.

Question 1: What is the first image it comes to your mind when you hear Croatia?

The beautiful Adriatic Sea and the genuine warmth of the people. Also, given the chance, you must try to eat at Konoba Toni on Brac. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, and it’s run by three generations of men. You’ve got to love a man who knows how to cook!


Question 2: Which places that you can’t stop talking about in Croatia?

Split and Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik usually steals the limelight, and it certainly warrants its title “The Jewel of the Adriatic.” It’s been beautifully restored since it was shelled in the 90s, and walking the walls was a highlight of my trip.


But Split, further north along the coast, is wonderfully charming and quirky. Diocletian’s Palace, the old walled city, was originally built for a Roman emperor.It could have been preserved as a museum, but instead, it’s become a bustling, modern-day community, where people still reside today. I love that it remains so alive.


Question 3: Just tell us a funny thing that happened during your journey in Croatia?

My companions and I met Tea Batinic, a woman who runs a gallery in Dubrovnik, who took us on a tour of her city. She brought us to a tiny little café in an alley off the main thoroughfare. “It’s called School, so when your mother calls, you can (honestly) say, ‘I’m at School,” she explained. The fresh bread there is phenomenal.

She also introduced us to a ritual that’s performed every day in Gundelic Square, “the stomach of the town.” She didn’t tell us what was going to happen, but she told us to watch for the pigeons. At five minutes before noon, they descended in a cloud of feathers upon a man who arrives there daily with a bucketful of corn seed to feed them. I thought it was lovely that the townspeople actually donate money to care for their flock.


Amy Laughinghouse is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in London. Follow her on Twitter at @A_Laughinghouse


Amy Laughinghouse


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