Maldives Gulet Cruise

Gulet Charter Maldives Cruise I did. It was amazing!

The only type of holidays that is better than a gulet cruise – IS GULET CHARTER MALDIVES CRUISE! To check out Maldives – from a gulet – IS JUST SPECIAL!

Maldives itself is very special.

Maldives gulet charter 

Crazy islands with the incredible sea.

People that offer unlimited hospitality.

And you know what? The best thing about Maldives is not even above the sea level.

It is under it. Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are the best and the most breath taking experiences that you get on this cruise


Maldives Charter Cruise 

Let us explain all the things that happened to us while on the cruise:

a) Great food

b) Night fishing – we pulled out some huge TUNA fishes (we were complete fishing amateurs)

c) night picnic on a sand bank

d) scuba diving – we have seen turtles, morena, tons of fish and EVEN A SHARK 🙂

e) snorkeling

f) swimming with Manta fish!!! (amazing) 

g) drinking from a real coconut

h) enjoying 35 degrees in January, while it was freezing in Europe  

i) getting to brag to our friends we visited Maldives


Maldives gulet charter 

and much, much more….

The best way to tell this story is via the pictures, so check out the photo gallery and decide on your own if this is something you would like to try.




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