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How to save 30.000 € or more on a gulet cruise?

In this blog post, I will explain 30.000 reasons why it is a good idea to use a travel agency that knows what is doing when it comes to booking a gulet cruise. Read it carefully or it can cost you a lot when you will be booking your gulet charter holidays.

Every year we visit Marmaris yacht show and go to Turkey at least several times & year to meet our partners and check some gulets.

But Marmaris show is super interesting because of 1 reason:


This makes it super easy to compare them to each other, check their prices and see what they have to offer.

And there was 1 interesting case that we have noticed the last time we were at a boat show.

Check it out from this movie:



To Sum It Up!

Gulet A: 39 meters LOA, 6 crew on board, 5 cabins, built in 2012. Amazing vessel!

Charter price: 39.000 €/Week including food!


Gulet B: 40 meters LOA, 5 crew, 5 cabins, built in 2012. Amazing vessel!

Charter price: 50.000 €/Week food extra (totally then around 55.000 €/week for 10 guests).


Gulet C: 43 meter LOA, 6 crew, 6 cabins, built in 2012. Super amazing vessel!!

Charter price: 50.000 €/week including food and drinks. 


Gulet D: 34 meters, 4 crew, 4 cabins, built in 2009. Very nice vessel!

Charter price: 38.000 €/week food. Together around 43.000 €/week.


Gulet E: 38 meters, 6 crew, 5 cabins built in 2009. Amazing vessel!

Charter price: 65.000 €/week food extra. Together around 70.000 €/week.


Gulet F: 39 meters, 6 crew, 5 cabins, built in 2012. Amazing vessel. 

Charter price: 75.000 €/week food is extra, Together around 85.000 €/week.

I will tell you from my point of view!

There was almost no difference in quality between gulet A and gulet F.

Price difference – almost 45.000 €!!!

Now you will probably ask yourself if this is possible? And why there is such a difference.

Talking in master cabin of Luxury Yacht Sundara


The answer is easy.

Gulet A was built and made for charter – and to make good business. The crew was super educated for charter guests. The cabins were all very similar having charter clients in mind. And the owner is a very keen business man and that is why he knows which price will be OK in the market. He sold already more than 15 weeks which is amazing!

Gulet F was built for private use. A client made the gulet for himself. He uses the gulet around 1 month for himself and he wishes to sell some weeks to cover a couple of costs. But because this is his “baby” he does not wish to charter it for the price he thinks is “too low”. But what he thinks is “too low” in the market is actually crazy expensive. And the bad news is he actually makes a couple of weeks every year.

And now imagine the “suckers” who pay 85.000 € for a week on an amazing vessel..and then they see another vessel just as amazing as this one and they found out it is 45.000 € cheaper?!?! Not good!

And now imagine another thing. Let’s say the client gets amazing 20% discount on an 85.000 € gulet? He will be super happy and sure he got an incredible deal. But he is still paying almost 30.000 € more than some other client for the other gulet.

How to save 30.000 € or more on a gulet cruise?

The same story applies when you go to standard category gulets also.

You have to know which gulet offers good VALUE and not good discounts.

This does not mean of course the cheaper is always better! Not at all!

But it means that it pays off to know what you are booking and why.

And this is where we can help you.

One of our main goals is to find gulets that have the price connected with the value of gulet.

Let me ask you a question.

Which cabin is better?

This one?

Luxury cabin

Or this one?

Cabin on a gulet

Maybe the answer looks easy, but it is not.

The quality of the cabin DEPENDS ON THE PRICE OF THE GULET!!!

Let me ask you again. (this is just theoretical example of course)

Let’s say the CABIN NO.1 is on a gulet, that has charter price 85.000 €/week.

And now let’s say the CABIN NO.2 is on a gulet that has charter price 10.000 €/week.

Now when you know this info – you can check the cabins again.

Of course, cabin no.1 is larger, more luxury type and a bit nicer. But not for this money!

On the other hand the second cabin for 10.000 €/week – it is a real deal!

So when we check gulets – we always ask about the charter prices first – and then we check the gulet according to the price it has.

Hope this helps.

Mitja Mirtič

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