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How to book Gulet Holidays?

If you are interested in Gulet Holidays and you would like to send an inquiry, which info will you provide us with?

Normally it would be the dates, how many people are in your group, which destination you are interested in and maybe also what is the category you are interested in.

But what if I tell you this is only 20% of the story?


Lets put it that way: How to book Gulet holidays

You send is an inquiry that you are a group of 10 people that wish to go on a Turkey gulet cruise on 05th of August for 7 days, and you wish to spend around 12.000 €/week for this holidays. 

According to this info, we have more than enough gulets to offer you at least 35 – 50 different possibilities. 

But does this make sense?

Of course not.

You have to know that all gulets can not serve all clients the same (even most of them think they can). 

Some gulets can really sail.

Some gulets have lots of sports equipment. 

Some gulets are bigger and wider and have huge saloons. 

Some gulets have amazing chefs while some other gulets have captains, that know every single super amazing bay!

Did you know some gulets offer incredible value for money, but none of the crew speaks English?

Did you also know that some gulets look amazing on pictures, but they smell of gasoline?

Did you also know that you can get a really young crew on board or an older more experienced type of crew?

What do you prefer more? 20 meters brand new ultra modern gulet with 5 cabins? Or a bit older 30 meters gulet that also has 5 cabins?

Did you know there are 20 more points like this?

Gulet group


What I want to say is, that not every gulet is for every person.

And what we did was the following:

a) Determine what is important for different groups. 

b) We found out a great concept, how to help clients get what they need the most.

We have separated our groups to 5 different categories.

They are:

1) Seniors,

2) Middle age couples with no children,

3) Mixed groups of kids, their parents, and their grandparents,

4) Party groups,

5) Families with teenagers,

6) Families with smaller children!

The procedure we use is quite simple.

First, we determine what kind of group you are and what are your needs.

Then we advise and educate you in a really fun way, what might be your perfect itinerary and activities for you.

And after that, we find for you the gulets that can do this itineraries and activities according to your group the best way possible way.

And of course, it all has to be very friendly to your pocket. 

So when we go through that procedure we narrow down your choices from 50 different possibilities to not more than 3 to 5.

If we transfer this to HOTEL HOLIDAYS for example.

Imagine you would like to spend a week in some nice hotel in Spain. Do you really care in which hotel will you spend your holidays at the start?

Not really.

The important things are to:

1) determine where in Spain you wish to go and what you wish to see there?

2) What do you wish to do there?

3) What do you wish to experience?


What we do (if we translate this to gulets) is we give you all the info about this 3 points.

And then when you have the perfect program planned out all you have to do is decide if you wish to experience this in:

a) 5 stars “hotels”

b) 4 stars “hotels”

c) 3 stars “hotels”

And these hotels are also selected according to your wishes, needs, and location.

If you wish to start planning just click on this button and we will gently guide you through.

Enjoy the ride.

Mitja Mirtič

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