How Hubspot company could save the World Economy on a gulet cruise?

Can Hubspot company save the World Economy? They are already transforming how people are doing marketing and business in general so they are already doing it if you ask me. But could the process be done faster?

Could something be organized that would shake the World and make it a better place and provide some huge PR along the way? And how is all this connected with gulet cruises? I will explain it all in this blog post.

Our Goal and idea on how to save the World!

no.1: Get the most amazing internet marketing gurus in the World.

My short “wish list” which will be made bigger of course later on:

Seth Godin, Brian Halligan, Dharmes Shah, Tim Ferriss, Noah Keagan, Andy Jenkins, Jeff Walker, Ramit Sethi, Ryan Holiday, Richard Feynman, Derek Sivers, Eric Ries, Chris Brogan, Andrew Chen, Brian Clark….and the dedicated team of the smartest Hubspot marketing employees. (and much much more…)internet guru


No.2: Put them on The best gulets in the World (100% free of charge of course) to lay back, relax, cruise and have the best time in their lives!


Things to do    What is a gulet


3) Get them to join the most incredible regatta in the World in TurkeyBodrum In October. 

Bodrum Cup  Bodrum


4) Make a fun challenge to them. Use their expertise, high IQ, huge connections and amazing ideas along with superb scenery and experience they will get (inspiration) during the cruise to brainstorm ideas on how to save an economy in the smaller country in the start (something like Slovenia). And then learn from the process and just copy paste the idea to other markets.


I have already written about HOW INTERNET MARKETERS CAN CHANGE THE WORLD and now we are moving to the second stage of this huge project.

It is action time and I have decided I will write about all the steps we will be doing so that after 10 years when we will remember what kind of amazing thing we did, we will have the material that will remind us of what we all had to do – to save the economy 🙂

The first step which we plan to do is get HUBSPOT COMPANY as a partner in this organization.

So here is my “marketing pitch” to get them interested!

3 reasons why Hubspot company might consider going into this project with Goolets

Reason no.1 – They like to inspire other people! They have bigger goals than just making money.

One of the main things they try to do is INSPIRE PEOPLE! That is why they are also organizing amazing things such as this: INBOUND! 

What do they say?


Is there any better way to inspire people as with showing people you actually wish to save the World Economy?


Reason no.2 – They like to challenge status QUO and make things nobody did before.

Did any marketing agency try to save the World before? I do not think so.

Will this make their competition jealous? 


Will this challenge STATUS QUO and get people off their feet?

I am 100% sure.


Reason no.3 – There is really not much work, risk or expenses involved in this project.

Saving the World means working like crazy for several months investing tons of money and having some huge risks.

Does it?

Not really.

Some ideas are so good you can feel it and they do not even need much work!

Sometimes you would like to spend 10.000 hours on an idea – but then you realize you do not need to.


Well ships, itinerary and logistics will be organized by Goolets company.

The regatta is being organized every year so now work there. We will just join them.

The people who will join the regatta and this cruise will come on relaxing holidays and not on a speaking gig or a promotional tour.

This will be a holiday for them. 

The ideas on “how to save the World” will be exchanged during nice dinners and lunches while good wine and beer will flow in nice secluded and amazing bays.

No hotels, press rooms or anything else needs to be organized.

Food, crews and everything else will be taken care of by the gulet owners.

The PR will take care of itself on its own. 

Every internet marketing guru will make sure he gets the word out (on his own terms).

Other huge blogs, journalists, and companies will just have to cover this amazing event.

The buzz which this event will create (on its own) will be out of this world.

Just imagine what might happen if Hubspot company mentions this during their INBOUND EVENT?

So not much work involved.

All Hubspot would have to do is send out the invitations to the gurus, bring their dedicated team of hub spotters to the cruise – AND HAVE FUN!

No money investments, almost zero risks, and very small time investment. This is all.


When it comes to risk I think it was Seth Godin that said something like this:

a) The risk of doing something new could be large. People are worried what might happen if they challenge status QUO. What if something goes wrong?

b)  But they forget to ask themselves “What will happen if they do not do this?”

Lots of things could go wrong if they decide for this – it is true.

But what could happen if they do not join this idea?

What if they do not participate and the cruise will go through?

What if:

a) they miss out the experience of cruising with the biggest masterminds in the World?

b) they do not experience the amazing feeling of sailing on a 40 meters ultra luxury wooden vessel?

c) they miss out on the largest PR coverage of an event in the World?

d) they miss out on making new connections, friends, and ideas that would happen?

e) we truly get an idea on how to save the global economy, save the World and THEY WERE NOT THE PART OF IT (and could be).

f) somebody else will get this possibility and will take “the cream” instead of them?

Can they afford to pass out on this possibility and make the mistake of NOT BEING PART OF THIS? I think the risk of not participating is much larger than the risk of actually going to act. 

Okay…..This was my “marketing pitch” towards the company Hubspot. 

I did my best 🙂

If you are one of the people at Hubspot I would LOVE IF YOU can put your comment below under this post and tell me if you like this idea and if you would like to be the part of it?

Maybe we can get a gulet just for Hubspot marketers alone during this cruise 🙂 

If the person making decisions at Hubspot is reading this blog (I am aiming at Mr. Brian with this) I would like to invite him to contact me via email to to schedule a 1-hour meeting to go through details.

And the rest should be history.

Mitja Mirtič

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