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Compare gulet cruises to hotels or to cruise liners

Lots of people LOVE to compare gulet cruises to hotels or to cruise liners.

They think that gulets are more expensive than hotels.

People think on cruise liners, you will see and experience more!

This is not entirely true.

In this blog post, you will see the main differences between hotels, cruise liners, and gulets.



 Advantages of hotels:
– Large and spacious rooms and bathrooms
– Pools for kids to enjoy
– Huge restaurants with loads of choices to eat
– Lots of activities around the hotel, animation for kids…
Disadvantages of hotels, when you compare it with gulets:
– You stay in the same place all the time. If you wish to move, you need to rent a car.
– You are limited to beaches where there are lots of crowds – very hard to escape.
– The pool is usually full of people and you have to fight for your meter of shade.
– It is very hard to escape the masses and enjoy.
Hotel holidays versus gulet cruises
How would we compare gulets and hotels?
MAIN DIFFERENCE: If you like to see lots of different places in a single week – and do that in style – gulets are for you!
– Gulets allow you to see different destination every day – without moving from one bus to another.
– Gulets allow you to swim in different bay every day – away from crowds on your own private beach
– You eat outside and the looks to the sea are always amazing
– You do not have to put up with other 500 people in the same hotel…it is just you, your friends and your family…
Personal experience how hotel holidays compare to gulets! More on this link!


Advantages of cruise liners:
– Floating hotel, huge rooms luxury accommodation
– You see lots of different towns /ports
– Lots of activities on board for everybody (restaurants, casinos, playgrounds, spas….)
– Luxury food
Disadvantages of cruise liners, when you compare it with gulet cruises:
– Every place you arrive to – you are surrounded by 3.000 more tourists
– The sea view is nice…but you are always around 60  meters from the sea level
– The crowds are huge….if you hate masses – you will hate the huge cruise liners
– The prices on board are very expensive and to every place you arrive – you are always viewed as a rich tourist…you will always pay 50% more than any other person if you are from cruise liner
– You see lots of places – but most of the time the ship is staying in ugly ports and it is hard to go out “on your own”
 gulet cruise holidays are the best

How would you compare gulets and cruise liners?

MAIN DIFFERENCE: If you like the concept of cruising – but you hate the mass tourism – gulets are for you!
On gulets you are more connected to the sea, nature, the seagulls and entire experience are much more authentic.
– You are only cruising with 10 more people on board (not 5.000 people)
– The sea is always 2 meters away
– The food is local and you eat outside on fresh air and not in a closed restaurant.
Personal experience on both types of holidays! More info on this link!

But how about gulets? How are they like?


Gulets are different way/concept that is not for everyone.

To learn more info on what is a gulet we would like to invite you to check out this web page:

You will get the best idea from this page.
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