All my life dad and I wanted to have a boat

These are the words of Bogoslav, who has been passionate about yachts, the sea, and everything connected with them since his childhood. When he was young he had a dream of having a boat where he would be able to find pleasure in both his work and livelihood.

An interesting story surrounds gulet Slano. It’s more than just a gulet, it is the fulfillment of a life goal; it’s a lifestyle.

The Most Beautiful Chapter Is Starting

Many vessels have a rich history and this one is no exception. Gulet Slano has a long history, going back to distant 1937 in a little Croatian town called Ston where it had its first voyage at sea, ready for the greatest waves.

Its original purpose was the transport of wine until the beginning of the Second World War. It was then used for military operations until the end of the war, where Slano transported heavy materials such as stone and sand. It did this until as recently as 2006 when it came into the possession of the Mladin family and started a new chapter which will surely be the most beautiful in it history.

Old photo of Slano

Long-lasting Renovation This Year: A Desirable Gulet

The beginning of Slano as a cruising gulet dates back to 2006 when the Mladins became proud owners and began to build their dream. The ship needed comprehensive renovation to meet the standards for performing tourism activities and, of course, to achieve the look they desired.

The yacht has been completely renovated. It started with its hull because it was necessary to change the design to make the interior of the yacht modern and safe, as well as the exterior. The result is 5 cabins, a salon, and other rooms, and of course, we must not forget the deck which is adapted to offer the best cruising experience!

Completeness and Accuracy

These are the two words we can use to describe the work that has been done so far, which is also reflected in the materials used. Only the highest quality materials can be found on gulet Slano. The interior and the exterior are decorated with oak, teak, and mahogany wood that offer a luxurious feel.

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