Gulet Pulenat

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Gulet Pulenat is a nice 4 cabins gulet that can accommodate up to 10 guests. It is perfect for 2 families or 4 couples cruising together.

Gulet is located in Dubrovnik and can also take you to Montenegro. Good food and laid back cruise are what you can expect on this gulet. 

Gulet Pulenat has lots of history in Croatia. It was one of the first gulets that arrived from Turkey to Croatia and a couple of year ago the ownership also changed.

The gulet was completely renovated in 2011 and new owners (brothers Željko and Zdravko) are taking good care of it.

Gulet has only 4 cabins and 20 meters in lengths but you might get surprised by the level of comfort and the size of the cabins this gulet has.

I still believe the mentality of the gulet owner is the most important thing on a gulet.

I hope you will get some idea about this from this little interview.

Here we go:



1) Can you describe what are the best things about your gulet?

The best things about our boat are extremely fresh and delicious food, the crew which is courteous and professional and our motto “THE GUEST IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.


Nice Fish on gulet Pulenat


2) Why and how did you start gulet cruise business?
We are all born on the shores of the Adriatic, the call of the sea runs in our veins and by profession, we are all connected to the oceans of the world. Therefore providing service for the guest that cruises our beautiful coast is our pride and satisfaction.


3) What did you learn is the most important thing for clients while on a cruise? What do you have to do to get 100% satisfaction from clients?



Gulet Pulenat cabin


4) Does your gulet have something, which other gulets normally do not have? Do you have some special thing where you are different from the others?

A professional crew that is always available to satisfy every need of our most respected guests.


5) For what kind of groups your gulet is most suitable and why?

Our boat is most suitable for large families, friends that shares similar interests, gourmet, and exploration oriented people, as well as any sea-going enthusiast.


6) What are your plans for the future?
Improving our service on board, adding new features to diversify our pool of amusement  gadgets and relentlessly striving to be one of the best
gullets on the Adriatic


7) Which info do you believe is super important for clients, and agencies forget to tell it?
When on the ocean nothing is carved in stone, the weather and sea conditions, as well as the Captain, always have the final decision as far as the safety of the passengers and the itinerary is concerned.


Gulet Pulenat


8) Which itinerary do you believe is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONE, where clients see the best what Croatia has to offer? For the clients that have never been to Croatia before.
The Southern Adriatic Islands/ including our most beautiful town where we were all born – Dubrovnik/ which are beautiful and breathtaking, the people which they meet that are outgoing and most hospitable, the food which is always an experience to remember and the beautiful memories that they will have for a lifetime. 

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