Luxurious Look Combined With Gourmet Food and a Huge Selection of Water Toys

If you truly want to be the best at what you do and offer the best gulet experience, you need to have a perfect plan and a vision first. This story is a great example.

Owners Corner

Milan Grujić is the owner and Captain of gulet Pacha, which is a family-oriented business. His vision and a dream were to provide a mega yacht, ultra-luxury type of experience on board of a charming gulet type vessel in his home country Croatia. Thus, Gulet Pacha project was born.

Milan is highly intuitive and has a lot of empathy for people, so he knows exactly what his clients want. He achieved these skills during his time as the main manager of a company in chartering mega-yachts, so he understands the demands of most VIP clients around the world who rent luxury yachts and spend upwards of €100k per/week! Milan was also a Naval school professor in Šibenik, Croatia, and his experience is extremely valuable.

Gulet Pacha: A History

Gulet Pacha was built in a famous Turkish shipyard in 2000, in the city of Tuzla near Istanbul, Turkey. The boat was first named Pacha 1, and was made as a fully customized order for a private owner. The gulet is of typically Turkish design and is fitted with quality mahogany. She has mainly been used for private purposes and has always been maintained according to the highest standards. Milan acquired Pacha in 2014.

Aerial view of Gulet Pacha