One of the Widest Gulets in Croatia

Nostra Vita is a beautifully designed gulet by Mustafa, who is known for his creative vein. Mustafa’s designer eye is reflected in the finer details of the gulet, taking the time to really make Nostra Vita the vessel it is today and something the owners are very proud of and preserve with each season.

Nostra Vita is one of the widest gulets in Croatia, with 7.3 meters and 4 sails designed for sailing under ideal weather conditions.

First Named After the Owner’s Sons

The story of Nostra Vita’s history began in 2005 in Turkish Shipyard Selimiye, near Bozburun, Turkey. The first name it took on was made at the request of a Turkish shipowner, and so the gulet was first named Berke Burak, made up of the owner’s two sons, Berke and Burak.

After coming to Croatia, she was used for commercial purposes but was soon seen as a great potential in the Croatian tourist market, where the new owners recognized the lack of luxury gulets and cruises available for guests with high standards of service and comfort.

The new owners gave Berke Burak a new name: Nostra Vita, their version of the term Dolce Vita – hedonism and true enjoyment of life, together with tradition and a modern lifestyle.