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Gulet Nautilus Review. Why you should book this gulet.

Gulet Nautilus was completely renovated in the year 2015 (and 2016 for that matter also).

It has 8 very spacious modern cabin and lots of deck space (gulet has 31 meters length and 7 meters beam).

But this review is not about the technical info of this gulet. It is about expectations, who is this gulet for and what you can expect.

When we made an inspection of gulet Nautilus we had no idea what to expect (the picture is from 2015)

Goolets Inspection

Gulet Nautilus was a complete and total wreck 4 years ago. But the new owner renovated everything, and now this became one of the best gulets which you can book in Croatia.

This is the look of the gulet in 2015. You can check the video below if you wish.

This is how it looks now.

Gulet Nautilus Review


12 Facts You Need to know about gulet Nautilus – Season 2017.

1.0 Gulet Size – Front Deck – One of the largest gulets in Croatia.

Nautilus Front Deck

Front deck is huge. It has more than enough sun mattresses (all new) and entire group can relax here easily.

Half of the gulet can be in shade and you can either use half of the gulet for sunbathing and half of the gulet for reading your favorite book in the shade, while enjoying a cruise to a next destination.

They also created this super nice “bench” in the front, to relax and sip on a nice glass of wine or cold beer.

Front bench on gulet


2.0 Aft deck Explanation

On the back side of the gulet, there is a huge table that can easily sit from 12 – 16 people (or more).

Large table

The back side area is a bit different than on other gulets, but the concept works.

People LOVE IT.

We loved it.

Back side of gulet


3.0 You can use 8 cabins on a gulet.

Lay Out

There is a very limited number of 8 cabins gulets in Croatia.

Besides Nautilus, you also have Gulet Gideon, Gulet Aborda (officially they both have only 7 cabins, but could give 8 if requested) Gulet Luna and Gulet Stella Maris. (both in different price range).

You could be 8 people only, and each person has its own single cabin.

If you are in search of a gulet with more cabins, you need to hurry, as the number is super limited.

4.0 Water sports deserve special attention

Jet ski

Gulet Nautilus has a huge range of water sports on board and is the perfect option if you have teenagers in your group, or if you are very active.

Gulet has:

Jet Ski (XL 700 Yamaha): Extra charge for this is 100 €/hour.

Brand new powerful dinghy with 50 horsepowers dinghy for water skiing: Clients only cover costs of fuel for the dinghy.

Donut ride for kids: Clients only cover costs of fuel for the dinghy.

Wakeboard:  Clients only cover the costs of fuel for the dinghy.

2 x canoe: usage 100% free

2 x paddleboard: usage 100% free

5.0 Owners & Crew  Explained


Nautilus owners



From my very long experience (I inspected well over 500 gulets in my life), I can now say this:

“Gulet is a direct reflection of the owner”.

If the owner is unorganized and hyperactive – expect the same things on a gulet.

If the owner is laid back, relaxed and never stressed – the atmosphere on his gulet will be the same.

If the owner is an ego-maniac, the feeling on the gulet will be the same.

If the over is “normal” – you can expect things to be very smooth and nice also on a gulet cruise.

Jure and Nives are very nice people, not scared of hard work, flexible and opened to hear any suggestions while keeping the healthy distance.

So you can expect the same if you book this gulet:

a) nice easy-going atmosphere

b) flexibility

c) willingness to listen to your wishes

d) feeling to get away from your group, when you need the time for yourself.

Here is a nice picture of the crew, taken in 2016 – a great group of great people.

Nautilus crew


6.0 Huge Salon – How will you use it?

Salon on Nautilus


Salon on this gulet is huge.

It can accommodate lots of people.

It has a TV inside and it is very good for children while cruising to a new destination and to people that wish to escape bad weather.

This gulet has one of the biggest salons out of all gulets in Croatia.

7.0 Huge Kitchen – an idea – What about a culinary cruise?


The idea was born recently and it shows lots of promise.

Gulet has a very large kitchen and it could be a very interesting option for “culinary cruises”.

Med food

Do you wish to learn how to cook?

You can book a professional who will teach you all the Dalmatian food secrets and teach you to cook during a 7 weeks cruise.

You can take half board (breakfast and lunch), while in the evening you learn to how to cook and prepare dinner while learning.

8.0 Smell, freshness, maintenance. Everything is new.

New cabins

One of the most important things (for me) on a gulet is “the smell”.

I was happy to “smell” that the gulet is brand new. 🙂

From cabins to bathrooms, to closets, to furniture or beds…you can immediately see everything is new.

9.0 Book only breakfast or combine the half board.

Snack on board

Gulet Nautilus is one of the few gulets that offer the option when you book only breakfast on board and eat all other meals ashore.

This is great if you are interested in lots of sightseeing.

If every day you wish to have a different activity, daily trip and use the gulet only as a comfortable service that takes you from 1 island to another island.

10.0 Flexibility is here (for now)  – use it.

Jure and Alenka from Goolets

First real season of gulet Nautilus was in 2016.

Because of that, we created a realistic price of the gulet. And on that prices, we offered an incredible 30% discount for groups that would book in 2016.

The gulet sold out immediately, and now it was on to the owner, to deliver on this promise.

Here is one of the feedback from 2016 season:

Living the dream

The quality was amazing. the clients happy. The gulet deserves the full price.

But owner Jure is a smart guy, so he will not go with “full price” yet.

As we sold him 85% of charters for 2016, we exclusively got the best price in the market again.

However, now the discount went from 30%, down to 15%.

Still a bargain. In 2018, the price is what the gulet deserves.

So if you are looking at VALUE FOR MONEY, use this opportunity now. 

11.0 Food – need to mention the food.


I spent a gulet 1 whole day and tested their food.

All I can say is – “Compliments to the chef”.

I gained 2 kilograms in 1 day:-)

12. Bathrooms – Very important fact.


For some people cabin site matters.

For me, the bathrooms are even more important.

Bathrooms on this gulet deserve a very nice score.

Large enough. New. Clean. Comfortable.


Cons of gulet Nautilus – If these things bother you, go after something else.

As this is an “honest review”, we have to mention a couple of things that could also bother some people. If the things listed here bother you big time, we should look for alternatives.

1 – Sailing is not an option yet (it might be in 2017, but can not make any promises yet).

Nautilus Review

Gulet does not yet have sails.

It is true gulets usually raise sails maximum 1 to 2 times per week (most of them not all), but at the moment Nautilus still does not offer sailing as an option.

If this is incredibly important to you, then this gulet is not a good fit for you.

The sails might be there in 2017, but it is not decided yet.

2 – Gulet is a modern design – not classic design.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Some people prefer modern design, some people like everything in wood, while others like the gulets to look more like yachts.

Up to your taste.

Nautilus modern gulet

3 – Family operated business. This is normally a good thing.

Nives and Jure are husband and wife. Mother and father of Niver are very involved in the entire operation and big help.

It is a family business. I consider this to be a good thing, but some people do not like that.

I think it is good to inform you about this in advance.

5 Ideas on how to get the most out of the gulet cruise on Nautilus.

If I would book this gulet for me and my friends, here is what I would pay special attention to:

1 – I would use the flexibility of the owner when planning the cruise route. I would combine half board with full board.

I would book a one-way route from Dubrovnik to Trogir and try to get this without any extra payment.

I would take half board (breakfast and lunch) along with 2 or 3 more dinners, while 4 times I would eat ashore.

This would give me a great combination of exploring new destinations, while still staying on anchor several nights.

2 – Plan the route with “Goolets Sales representative” in advance. We know gulet, owners, and business.

Goolets on Nautilus


I would use lovely sales representatives of Goolets to help me plan the best route and activities for me.

This way I will for sure get the most out of my cruise.

3 – Use cabins as “single cabins” – even if you are a smaller group. It is hard to be more comfortable than like this.

Single cabin

I would have a group of max 10 or 12 people with me and use all 8 cabins.

This would make my cruise super comfortable.

To SUM UP gulet Nautilus Review – Final Thoughts.

I did not know what to expect in 2016 when coming to this gulet.

I had a good feeling about it, power the services provided and the shape the gulet was in surpassed my wildest expectations.

I had a plan, to negotiate more on the price – however a 15% discount on the price the gulet is – is A STEAL for 2017 for Croatia.

Value for money gulet

I can say I am not sorry we gave it a chance.

And you will not be sorry if you decide to book it.

The owners did an incredible job in renovating the gulet. They are nice people with a cool vision, willing to work hard and I am 100% sure they will succeed.

They are for sure in the right way.

I am more than happy to recommend this gulet to all groups of people that range from 8 – 14 guests who are looking for the most comfortable way to explore the beauties of Croatia.

First group on Nautilus in 2016

(picture of the first group ever, that arrived on gulet Nautilus in 2016 – very happy group indeed)

You will be happy about this gulet.

More info on the gulet, technical details, prices, and pictures can be found here. You can also contact us for any additional questions about this vessel. We will be happy to assist you.

Mitja Mirtič

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