Gulet Nautilus backstory, how it all started and 8 unique reasons why you should book this gulet

Gulets are not just about all the technical details, size, and equipment they have on board there are real people behind each vessel, and the stories of how owning and running a gulet first happened are pretty amazing. The story of gulet Nautilus is one of these stories – we hope you find it intriguing!

In this post, you will learn everything about gulet Nautilus through our own experience. How the gulet now successfully sails along the Croatian sea, the vision of its owners and all the challenges that have occurred in recent seasons and how these have completely changed the look of the ship. We also need to highlight the special relationship between the owner and Goolets agency right from our first inspection of the gulet in 2015, how we spent a week on this gulet for the holidays, after being invited by the owner and all the fun we had, during the three-day team-building activities.