Gulet Dolin – 7 Reasons Why You Should book this gulet for 2016 Season

If you are thinking about a Cruise in Croatia for season 2016 and you are considering gulet Dolin, here are the 7 reasons why it might be a good idea to charter it.


Reason no.1 – Gulet will be renovated – The value for money is amazing.

Double Cabin

Gulet will be refreshed, rebuilt and upgraded to a new category for season 2016.

We will not name names, but gulets that will be in same “category range” then gulet Dolin, will have from 20% – 40% higher prices.

Why such a good price?

Because you can not raise the price on “promises” only.

So if you will charter this gulet in 2016, you will get 1 category higher as the price You will be paying.

In 2016 new pictures and info will be made, so the price in 2017 will be around 25% higher.

27 meters vessel with 5 cabins and 3 crew is good news. And for this price – you can not beat it.


Reason no.2 – New Programs available.

Idyllic Secret Beach On Brac Island

Gulet Dolin can be rented in this ways:

Just ask which concept you LOVE, and we will TAILOR IT 100% according to your wishes.

– One way route from Trogir – Dubrovnik or other way around – without extra payments. Experience all the best islands (Mljet, Korčula, Hvar, Brač) along with Dubrovnik and Trogir /UNESCO SITE) in 7 days. People love this. Now we enable it without any additional payments.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Beautiful romantic old town of Dubrovnik during sunrise.

–  One way route from Zadar – Trogir without extra payments for one way fee. This way you can experience Hvar and Brač, while also checking out Kornati islands. This is perfect for people that love the combination of 100% escape from crowds but still seeing several famous locations.

– Wine Routes: gulet Dolin is one of the very few gulets that allows you to bring your own drinks on board. This means that “wine tours” on this gulet are much more fun than on other gulets. You can check different winery almost every other day, try out a wine that you love and stock the bar with it.


– Family Tours: if you have small children then Dolin will be amazing for them. Ivica the captain is one of the best people in Croatia in finding amazing locations, spots, beaches, bays, and locations, where your kids will be incredibly happy.

Family gulet cruise


Reason no.3 – Water sports on board.

Gulet Dolin has 40 HP dinghy that allows the owner to do several water sports.

Gulet has a donut ride:


Gulet has water skiing option for people that are under 90 kg and that actually know how to do it.

water skiing

Gulet has canoe:

Use a canoe

What we prepared for you in 2016?

Water skiing and donut and all are included in the price if you rent Dolin in 2016! Kids will love it – AND ADULTS ALSO. 


Reason no.4 – Drinks and eating on this gulet – Unique in Croatia.

Eating Option that wins every time.

The best way to experience Croatia is if you take a combination of HALF BOARD (breakfast and lunch) along with several dinners (2 or 3).

This means you are not “stuck” on the gulet all the time, but you can go out – explore – eat ashore and have more time to visit towns.

On the other hand, you have a nice possibility to still stay on anchor 2 or 3 nights and just enjoy away from everything – and have dinner on board.


Drinks on Dolin. 

Most of the gulets do not allow to bring own drinks on board.

Dolin is different.

You can bring your own drinks and stock the bar however you wish….either with high-quality vines, domestic spirits, lots of beer or whatever you wish.

The refrigerator is always there. Whenever you feel thirsty just reach out, take a drink and enjoy it.

This is a huge money saver, you never need to worry how much you spend and the concept works perfectly.


Reason no.5 – Air condition 24 hours/Day.

Only gulets that allow you to have air condition 24/hours per day are DELUXE GULETS that cost 20.000 €/week or more.

Dolin is special in this matter.

Dolin has “central” air condition which cools down all cabins together and everything is organized in a way that air condition does not spend too much power.

That is why air condition can run on the smaller generator, which can allow you to run air condition all night long.

Dolin is incredibly well built and also cabins stay cool most of the time even if you do not use air condition…however with the joint combination, this is remarkable.

cooled cabin


Reason no.6 – Flexibility & Ivica. What about an extra day of a cruise – free of charge? 

Ivica is the most flexible and nice person in the world.

If you wish to experience Croatia, its amazing bays and everything else that comes along with it – Ivica will do the job.

This is incredibly important and also the best part on Dolin. You will experience Croatia in ways you can not imagine.

Here is an example of the person, who wanted to be moored in Kornati Islands away from all the people…

Wish granted: (Ivica is master of finding this type of spots).

An extra day of the cruise? Free of charge?

Lots of gulets need to come to “home port” already on Friday evening.

This means on Friday you stay in some nice bay, have lunch there and there after that you slowly go to home part.

You also do some more swimming maybe, but late afternoon you are already in port.

Some people LOVE THAT, as it allows them to go out of the gulet and explore Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar.

Aerial view of the city of Zadar in Croatia.

Some people HATE THAT. It feels in Friday already that your cruise is coming to an end and last night in port it is usually not particularly nice.

Ivica is a master in this.

He can take you to a really nice bay, away from everything and last night, you can stay on anchor, enjoy dinner on a gulet and next morning you can still have a morning swim before breakfast.

During breakfast, gulet is cursing to your part and this makes your check out very comfortable and not painful.

This truly feels like adding the whole extra day to your cruise.


Reason no.7 – Price is going up after next season.

lay out

Season 2016 is a season, where Dolin will be fully booked.

After that, the prices will go up for sure, according to everything the gulet offers.

So use this opportunity and book the gulet under the prices you received.

You might now get another chance like this.

For any additional questions, you can also contact me directly. I cruised on this gulet several times and I can give you additional advice.

You can reach out to

See you on Dolin.

Mitja Mirtič







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