Day 1: Saturday / OREOUS, ISLAND EVIA
The boarding starts in the evening in Oreous Harbour on island Evia. On the first day, the service starts on the boat with dinner and an overnight stay in Oreous Port. Evia, the second largest island of Greece and the third in the eastern Mediterranean, is located close to the Prefecture of Attica.Evia has wonderful beaches, a pleasant climate, renowned monuments, many thermal sources and tasty food.

Golden Sand Beach, Evia, Greece

After your breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise itinerary and the boat. Agnontas is a beach village with a small port located on the Greek island of Skopelos.Skopelos is an exceedingly beautiful island, perhaps one of the most beautiful in Greece. It is luxuriant, dressed in the greenest of pine. In many places, the pine forest grows all the way down to the sea. Skopelos has also been talented with crystal clear water and superfine beaches, interesting villages and a capital beautiful enough to amaze you. Hikers should rank Skopelos among the top islands, suited for long walks.

White church in Skopelos