The check in starts at 3 and 4 pm. Afterward, you`ll have enough time to make yourself at home and meet the other guests and crew with the traditional welcoming drink. After a short navigation, we come to the island of Šipan, where we`re going to spend our first night on board enjoying dinner and company. Although it`s only 16 km2 big Šipan is the biggest of the Elaphiti Islands with only two bigger villages: Šipanska Luka on the west and Suđurađ on the east side of the island. It flourished during the Dubrovnik Republic when the most important and strongest activities were shipbuilding, shipping, olive growing, fishing, and wine growing. Today, on this small area, there are 42 old summer residences and 34 churches; proof that this oasis of peace and beauty was recognized as a place of relaxation by Dubrovnik high society. Although many are in bad condition, the family castle of Vice Stjepović-Skočibuha is being renewed. In the castle, there is a Renaissance square fireplace with preserved plaster-decorated hood (which was an exception in Dubrovnik area), an elegant Renaissance stone sink with relief decorated edges and a rare example of the only preserved wooden balcony in the Mediterranean from the 16th century.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Beautiful romantic old town of Dubrovnik during sunrise.

Day 2: Sunday / ŠIPAN – MLJET (POLAČE or POMENA)

After enjoying beauties of Šipan, today you`re going to see the natural beauties of the most beautiful Adriatic island – Mljet. You`ll spend the day relaxing, swimming and sunbathing. After lunch, you`ll have a chance to visit the National Park Mljet (tickets are not included in the cruise price and you`ll have to pay additional 90 kn for adults and 40 kn for children and students). We`re spending the night on Mljet (in Polača or Pomena, depending on the weather conditions) where you can enjoy their extraordinary gastro offer. We especially recommend lobsters, which in restaurants on Mljet you can personally choose before the preparation. Mljet is very popular among the boaters for its peace and quiet and the beauty of its sea and land.

Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia.