The check-in starts at 12 PM and lasts until 5 PM and afterward, you`ll have enough time to make yourself at home and meet the other guests and crew with the traditional welcoming drink. Once on board, you can become acquainted with the crew and fellow passengers. There is the opportunity to explore the blossoming old city of Zadar. This historical city is conquered at some point in time by almost all historical Mediterranean cultures, which is reflected in its architectural properties. In the afternoon or evening (when all the passengers have arrived) the gulet will set for the island of Ugljan. In the village Kukljica, we will moor and spent the night in the port or possibly at anchor if the weather permits.

Aerial view of the city of Zadar in Croatia.

Day 2: Sunday/ KUKLJICA – MULINE (25 mi. – 40 km)

In Kukljicaour cycling trip will take us towards Muline, leading mostly along remote paths with breathtaking views. In the distance, the island of Pasman is visible with its bridge over the Strait of Zdrelac. The trip will take us along the Gospa Snjezna, which is the chapel of the Lady of the Snows. Also, in the south-west the Island Dugi Otok interferes the horizon, the north parts of this Island contain some very deep caves man-dug into the mountainside. Accessible from the sea the caves were created to hide submarines and other naval warfare ships during the cold war.

Town Of Kukljica Aerial View