Dagnje na Buzaru

Gulet cruise culinary tip: Traditional Croatian mussels recipe Dagnje na Buzaru

Dagnje na Buzaru: A glimpse into the culinary experience on a Gulet cruise

Dagnje na buzaru


One of the best things about booking a Gulet cruise is, that you get to enjoy the local Cuisine on board.

When docked, you always have the choice of going out to a restaurant.

However, after trying the food on board, chances are, you won”t need to.

Dagnje na Buzaru”  is just one of the many tasty dishes you can experience on a Gulet cruise.

If you like to cook, spend your free time watching Gordon Ramsey yell at would be Chefs, and want to try some interesting recipes at home, You”ll definitely want to try this traditional Croatian recipe.

Mussels are a staple dish all along the Adriatic Coast. You can buy them at the local fish monger. But the best way to get really fresh mussels is, to go to the Marina in the morning and buy them straight from the fishermen 🙂

You can find the full recipe here

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