Gulet cruise style: When we say Style we mean it!

This short article will show you WHY we’re dead serious when we say that gulet blue cruise  holidays are holidays “in style”!

Here’s why …

1. Lots of space

Every gulet is adorned with a spacious salon and cabins that give comfort. Of course, every cabin has its own shower and bathroom facilities have everything you need for a pleasant stay. This naturally leads us to …

Gulet Blue Cruise: gulet salon


2. Privacy

Some say this is one of the greatest advantages compared to other forms of boat traveling. You can retire to your room anytime you want and spend as much time with other passengers as it suits you.

Gulet Boat cabin


3. Food

Food is probably the tastiest thing on a gulet. It is prepared and served TO you. You only have to eat it and let yourself enjoy its taste, interesting textures, rich flavors … No need to say that food is made only out of fresh, local ingredients and is mostly a work of art, making use of the chef’s artistry.


gulet cruise style


4. Family friendly environment

Now you know gulets have lots of space and offer privacy, it is totally acceptable to say they also offer a friendly environment to you and your family. Is there any better way to spend time together or simply nurture your family ties? Probably not.

Blue Cruise Action 


5. Smooth travel experience

Sometimes yachting can get rough and sea sickness is almost inescapable. Gulets, on the other side, offer much smoother travel. Why? The size of the gulet and it’s designed to take care of the waves and you get a calm, predictable traveling experience.

Luxury gulet Turkey 


6. Elegant looking gulets

Gulet Keyif


Hundreds of years of gulet design and tradition make every gulet a unique work of art. The luxury depends on the category, of course. However, each and every gulet is an example of classy elegance, a product of historical evolution right to this days. 


7. The crew

Is not just a skipper. No, every gulet has a full crew that works tirelessly to cater to your every need. A captain is there to get you to your destination as smoothly as possible, a chef to cook the best food the region has to offer and a waiter to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.


Gulet crew 


8. Individualized holidays

A gulet cruise is not massive enough to steal your individuality. We’re here to help you if you have any special requirements. You can also tailor make your own cruise and our concierge services are fabulous. Of course, our approach leads to …


9.  Discovering hidden nuggets

Many places of interests are out of reach if you take holidays in some crowded resort. No problem with that on a gulet! No only you get away from the masses, you also get the unique advantage of traveling with a local captain who knows where to find the best bays, beaches, small towns an other beautiful site hidden from the majority – but available to you!


When you put 1 to 9 together you get …



No need for you to search anymore. Why use hotel services, the adventure of yachting, if you can get the best of both worlds – by cruising on a gulet.  Style and elegance are blended in such a way that you get all in one. 



Gulet cruise style means holidays experience that will make your friends envious.

If you are interested to try it out send us an inquiry and we will be glad to assist you.

Or you can learn more on what gulet cruises are like and how much do they cost here:

Mitja Mirtič


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