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Gulet Cruise Organization. What is Preference List?

Gulet cruises are not a standard type of holidays. When you rent entire gulet there are lots of factors that will determine the quality of your cruise.

And these factors are not so easy to be organized.

That is why we use “preference list” which makes our lives and lives of gulet owners much easier….and this also drastically improves the quality of our clients holidays also.

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So what is preference list?

The answer is simple. Preference list is a document which we send to our clients around 1 month prior to their departure. Clients fill out this document and send it back to us – and we check it out and send it further to gulet owner. 

With the help of preference list, a gulet owner and the crew on a gulet you booked are 100% prepared for your arrival. 

Before I show you how a preference list looks like I would like to explain to you also a bit more what the crew has to know before you arrive on the gulet.

This will give you a great idea of how many factors there are and how important this is.


If you did not yet cruise with a gulet before you might be very positively surprised what kind of gulet Cruise Organization there is behind every single private charter reservation.


When you rent a gulet here are the things we need to know:

1) do you need any transfers from airport to gulet and back

2) crew list with the info of all passengers

3) what kind of food preferences you have (yes you can organize your own food)

4) what kind of drinks you need onboard

5) if you are interested in any extra activities

6) what are standard activities you enjoy more and which one you enjoy less

7) how do you prefer the crew to act towards your group

8) do you have any allergies or health issues we have to know

9) what kind of route you would like to have

10) is there anything else we need to know


As you see this is lots of different stuff.

And this is also one of the points why I hate when people compare hotel type of holidays versus gulet cruise type of holidays.

When clients say that for 1.000 €/person/week they can get a 4 or 5 stars hotel and not a standard type gulet.


But then you have to ask yourself. 

How many places will you see in Hotel?

How many crews is there/per person?

Do they care about your route, allergies, food, drinks and all the above-mentioned stuff? I do not think so.

Gulets are a special type of holidays and preference list is just of those “extra” things that make it all so special.


Please check how a standardized preference list for Croatia looks like on this link:

Gulet Cruise Organization – Preference List!


With the help of this document, you can be sure you will get the most out of your Gulet Cruise holidays.

Mitja Mirtič.

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