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Gulet cruise food options in Turkey. What to select?

You have more than 500 gulet cruise options in Turkey to choose from. And almost every gulet has a bit different food policy. You have lots of different types of menus but which one is the best for you?

Food is super important on your gulet cruise so we will give you more info about this interesting topic in this blog.



yummmmmy…..anybody hungry? 🙂

So what are the gulet cruise food options in Turkey? 

Here we go!

I will make things as simple as possible.

There are lots of variations but this is the one I like the most. You can choose from any of these types:

Economy (low cost) menu: 175 €/person/week for breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. 

Luxury (superior) menu: 245 €/person/week for breakfast, lunch, and Dinner (also 5 o clock tea and coffee services)

Deluxe menu: 350 €/person/week

VIP Menu: 490 €/person/week

Here is the comment from one of the best gulet owners in Turkey (Mr. Umit). He is the owner of gulets Dora Deniz, Sude Deniz, Diva Deniz, Laila Deniz, Azra Deniz (and no the last name of Mr. Umit is not Deniz :-)) 

We will explain why all the gulets have DENIZ at the end in some other post. 



So which menu would be the best for you? Umit will explain:

The first acceptable menu for my opinion is the 2nd one named “luxury menu”,
as the first one is quite poor in quality and quantity.

The “basic/low-cost menu” will be ordered in general by younger student groups
and backpackers who are a bit short in budget.

In upgrading the menu not only the fish meals number do increase, many things more like quality and sorts.

The full board includes breakfast, lunch, tea at 5 time (biscuits and cakes) and dinner.

Lunch in general more light and done of vegetables as you will swim during the day.

Dinner is the more heavy part, fish, meat or chicken – grilled etc.


Food on a gulet


In upgrading the menu the differences will be as follows :

Breakfast:         more sorts and higher quality
Dinner:               fish number increases and more importantly the quality of fish sorts increases also
                            we have here sea fish from the farm of which the kg do cost approx. 10 Euro
                            but with the upper menus we prepare high quality fish of which the kg can go up to 50 Euro or more
                            with the upper menu you will get also sea fruits served like : calamari, scampi, jumbo scampi, octopus etc.   

Also in upgrading the menu the meat quantity and quality increases!

More grill material, also higher quality lamb meat etc.

The lower menus will be fitted with more chicken etc.


Also in upgrading the menu following items will increase, too :
– more salad sorts,

– more starter / meze sorts,

– more fruits and fruit sorts etc.

It is of course the matter of client’s decision and choice, but I always recommend my guests to choose out a lower category gulet and oppositely to that the highest possible menu alternative.

You will remember the food you have for entire life!

The cabin where you were sleeping, you will forget in 1 week.


Food in Gulets


I would say like this. If you select economy menu you will not be hungry!

You will survive just fine and ate okey. But the food will be for the sole purpose on you not being hungry.

If you select superior/luxury menu the food is 50% and being a gourmet is other 50%. You will enjoy your food and the menu will be nice.

But do not expect incredible stuff also.

Deluxe menu is another story. This is for people that truly LOVE to indulge themselves in food and enjoy while they eat. 

VIP menu is usually served on best DELUXE gulets and it most of the time also includes domestic drinks.

I think I do not have to explain to much, that this is the best possible food you can have.

With every menu you select, we also have some sort of standardized menu examples ready so that you know what to expect.

If you are a vegetarian, vegan, cosher, paleo or some other type of eater, all you have to do is let us know and the chef will do his best to follow your wishes.

This is if you rent a gulet of course. On a cabin charter gulet cruises menus are fixed and prepared in advance.

I hope this will help you in your decision.

When I go on a cruise I also always prefer to book 4 stars gulet and 5 stars good, rather than other way around.

Mitja Mirtič

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