Gulet cruise explained

Gulet Cruise Explained in 5 seconds

1st second – Your kids will be able to jump into the sea all day long! This means they will leave you alone.


2nd second – The chef will prepare amazing food in amazing locations – no work and no cleaning up needed.


3rd second –  Each cabin has it own showers, toilet, comfortable bed and offers enough privacy for a short escape.


4th second – Every day you get to explore new places, beaches, towns, ports – you will never be bored – but you will always be able to take it easy. 


5th second – The prices start from 500 €/person/week – but the experience you get is priceless. 


You will get the best idea what gulet cruises are from this single picture:


Gulet Cruise explained…it is like…like…..

Gulet cruise explained 

Gulet cruise explained even better (and also super fast) on this link:  How a day on a gulet looks like.

Mitja Mirtič

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